Orlando Fringe 2022 review: 'DK: Fully Clothed'

Reinemer reminds us that we’re all naked under our pants.

Fringe fans who fondly recall comic DK Reinemer’s previous forays to Orlando have come to expect to see him take his clothes off. But for this Festival he’s flipping the script and starting off his show nearly naked, only to quickly cover up. Don’t be deceived, because he’s actually exposing himself onstage more than ever before with an introspective stand-up set examining why he relies on inappropriate humor to handle life-and-death situations.

Fully Clothed has all the laughs of DK’s earlier acts about Magic Mike and the Dunning-Kruger effect, but it earns them without needing over-the-top characters, labored improv bits or suggestive sing-along songs (OK, maybe just one or two). Instead, DK relates personal stories from his frequently pants-free youth up through his Thai food-induced appendectomy. Though framed with sight gags and punch lines, they ultimately add up to a surprisingly personal portrait of an a man who is much more than just a compulsively unclothed comedian.

Be prepared to both laugh hysterically and find human connection as Reinemer reminds us that we’re all naked under our pants.

Tickets and show info: DK: Fully Clothed
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