Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser welcomes the motherly embrace of Taurus season

Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser welcomes the motherly embrace of Taurus season
Illustrat9ion by Anna Cruz
I’ll be frank, April’s fiery transits kicked my ass. Last month I managed to get an obscene cut on my lip that didn’t heal for weeks, a sick armpit rash just as tank-top season arrived, then my washing machine broke, I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment while wearing only pajamas and finally, I completely lost my cool on an antagonistic stranger in a local organic store. Aries fire was on a mission to burn away my ego and humble the indifference towards my narcissism. Living abroad in this big, wild city of Berlin clearly hasn’t always been easy but finding my tribe has made even the lowest moments still feel worthwhile. It is my friends that have stood by me when, as one of my favorite writers Chinua Achebe explains, things fall apart.

I want this to be the energy that holds all of us together for May, because I know I am not alone. In fact, April’s transits kicked most of my friends' asses too. I have a spiritual ally in Orlando who told me in a recent phone conversation that he received violent threats online last month over an incident that happened years ago. Listening to him, I realized something; our chosen family is the glue that holds our souls together. When I think of the archetype of the Taurus bull, I don’t see stubbornness but rather loyalty. Taurus is about persistence, strength, devotion, nurturing and, in a sense, family. I say this because Taurus is about building for the future. Although a Taurus’ happiness can often derive from material possessions, the karmic lesson of this sign is learning to structure life in a tangible way. A Taurus can learn to achieve lasting happiness once they fully realize their inner divinity and stability.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which symbolizes our heart space and connection to the natural world. The polar or opposite sign to Taurus is, in fact, Scorpio. This seemingly odd pairing delves into the balance Taurus provides in utilizing both intuitive emotions and rational intellect. Taurus is that ride or die bae holding Scorpio down by saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff qween.” Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac and in roman numerals, the number II pillars emphasizes interpersonal relationships, internal balance and the female figure (following Aries in the Zodiac as the “#1 man” phallic symbol in numerology).

Relating this archetype to the Tarot, the second card in the major arcana is the High Priestess. The HP governs both our intuition and the spiritual realm. The lesson of the card is about passivity, meditation, unconscious behaviors, wisdom and instinct — all considered rather feminine attributes in our current society. This card is ruled by the moon and is exalted (or functions best) in the sign of Taurus. In short, the moon is happy in the sign of Taurus and represents the mind of someone highly intelligent and driven, yet also warm and nurturing.

The central focus of this card (and of Taurus season) relates to our initial feminine influence, our mother. Since the moon (or our mother in a natal chart) loves being in the sign of Taurus, this Zodiac sign highlights our connection to Mother Earth twofold. Both in the sense that Taurus is an earth sign representing matters of the plant world and, also, the feminine figure the moon exudes as an archetype. I believe all relationships are directly impacted by the love we received (or perhaps didn’t receive) from our mother. In fact, our first imprinting in this cold, dark world begins with being separated from our mother when our physical cord to her is cut. Thus, a lifetime of either a fear of abandonment or fear of commitment commences. Those of us who may have been physically detached from our mothers at a young age, know all too well the pain of walking this earth alone. I love my mother deeply but I have lived far away from her for most of my life. Thus, I’ve had to create my own family and learn to nurture myself through these chosen relationships.

To tie this all together, the past month has taught me that it is the people who stand by you in sickness, not health, that become your greatest gifts. I have a feeling my friends and I were not alone in intensive (almost forceful) Aries' transits of deep transformation and change. Maybe you too have been feeling some internal pain or loss. Just know, the deep current pain we are all feeling is a universal hurt. The earth has been crying out for a while now and like a hurt child, needs a supportive mother. So, my lesson for Taurus season lies in the connection to our families, our matriarchy and the seeds we want to plant.

Taurus season and the importance of the new moon this month means learning to embrace motherly love. Whether you get it through friends, colleagues or if you’re lucky enough to get it from your own mother, know that we can decide and create the type of love we want to manifest in our lives. Likewise, (regardless of the current relationship we have to our actual mother) we can co-create the type of care we desire from the world in order to feel safe again in all relationships. So, set intentions and “plant seeds” this month for both the earth and for the chosen families we’re lucky enough to know. In our new summer season, please be really good to yourself and the planet. Simply, do whatever you need to do to take care of your wounds or the earth’s wounds, nurture your heart and always, always believe in yourself.

May Horoscope for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)
This month kicks off with Mercury still in your sun sign (Aries). This keeps things a bit unpredictable for you. Mercury represents communication, intelligence and when in the sign of Aries, keeps things spontaneous and unique. It is a watery planet and when in your fire sign, this can give a creative surge to your internal energy and perhaps make you a bit more chattier or friendlier than usual. In addition, Mercury will hype up your creative processes. When the new moon in Taurus arrives in the first week of May, this will be a great time to start journaling your ideas. Have you ever had a diary or dream log? If not, now would be a great time to begin — even poetry or creative writing can benefit you and may even help you further understand subconscious emotions. When the full moon is in Scorpio at the end of the month, maybe you’ll be inclined to write some love letters too!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Dear bulls, welcome home to your season. Your long awaited sun season will bring much happiness and pleasure for you this month. At the beginning of the month, the new moon is in Taurus and the sun remains in Aries — both of these are highly influential planets in your birth chart and when in exaltation (or rather, they are happiest in Taurus/Aries), this becomes a fantastic time to start intention setting. This combination of the moon (your mind) in Taurus and the sun (your ego) in Aries brings a deeply intensive planetary shift to your world. In short, this is a magical time where manifestation from positive thoughts is possible. In addition, Taurus will transit Venus (a planet ruled by Taurus) mid-month, which makes Venus also happy and represents all your earthly desires. So, use the dynamic Taurus/Aries space this month to cultivate power in any direction — create or build a new business, relationships or even better health. In short, enjoy the ride!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
My dear patient fishes, this month is going to be a testing ground for you as we are in preparation for your season next month. However, whenever a transits moves through your neighboring signs it can still bring out the best qualities in your own sun energies due to proximity. Simply, Taurus is a pal to Gemini but you relate on different levels. Geminis can be indecisive and Taurus can emphasize that. However, because (unlike your airy sun sign) Taurus is ruled by the earth and moves very slowly. This gives you a chance to really reflect on what you want. Taurus can take a long while to make a decision but once they do, they stick to it forever — and Geminis can’t resist a Taurus’ surety and confidence. At the end of the month, planets like Mercury (who rules the sign of Gemini) will begin their transit into your sun sign. Mercury is a powerful and highly charged planet. This will help you start expressing yourself effortlessly and help you feel electric, bold and expressive. Fly high qweens.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Dear my adorable crabs, this month Taurus energy will help hold your down. With a sun, new moon and Venus in Taurus expect to feel ready to start cultivating a more stable and relaxed home environment for yourself. Unlike fixed Taurus, your Cancerian mood is highly changeable and flows like water. Perhaps you experience many different emotions throughout the month, all dependent upon the cycle of the moon. Thankfully, Taurus is all about stability — which is a deep subconscious desire for a Cancer crab because they like safe hiding places. As the fourth sign, you rule the fourth house (our heart and our home). Taurus new moon transits may bring up past memories of family for you, mothering complexes and a desire for a stable home life. It’s okay to live in your own world this month but definitely embrace and lean on chosen family.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
Dear lions, expect Taurus' feminine energy to have you feeling extra lavish! Taurus is ruled by Venus and she likes all things lazy and sensual. This month is a great time for self-care. The current transits are powerful (sun and moon are exalted in the beginning of the month) and can definitely help you achieve whatever your heart desires. However, Taurus energy brings a relaxed energy to your go-go-go nature. It asks you where you can slow down and dig deeper roots. This would be a great month for a getaway or meditation retreat. Taurus new moon helps you make smart, rational decisions outside of emotional instincts. Expect to line up your personal needs in a healthy, stable and positive way to make time to nurture both your physical and spiritual body.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Dear old pal of Taurus, this month your fellow earth sign is bringing in some powerful transits to help you bring out your best! This month, expect to feel the benefits of Taurus season. Starting in early May, the new moon is in Taurus and the sun remains in Aries. Both of these highly influential planets are so, so happy in these signs and this is a great time to start building foundational roots for the future. Virgos are natural born perfectionists, critiquing and holding themselves to unreasonably high standards. This combination of the moon (your mind) in Taurus and the sun (your ego) in Aries brings a deeply intensive planetary shift to your world. In short, this is a magical time for you to cultivate personal power in any direction and learn to love yourself for who you are, not what you do.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Dear my balanced babies, Taurus powerhouse season is about to be in full effect and you are going to simply love it. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus and share a sibling rivalry with this sexy, unadulterated planet of love. This month your sense of romanticism or carnal desire may be heightened. Perhaps you have been thinking long and hard about a specific someone. Maybe it’s the opposite and your body craves some desperate need of a personal timeout in the form of self care (massage, sauna, etc). Now is the time to make your intentions known to the universe because she is at your mercy. This is because the moon is exalted (or is happiest) in the sign Taurus and will join forces with an exalted (or dignified) sun in Aries. These highly influential planets experience joy in these signs and it will bless you as well. Just be sure to be tuned into the energies. Libras can often get lost in thought and Taurus moon will bring you back down to reality. When the full moon transits your neighboring Zodiac sign Scorpio at the end of the month expect to feel powerful, emotional but mostly in love — just make sure you give it to yourself first.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Dear my dark, deep scorpions, this month your polar energy of Taurus is going to bring about deep personal change for you. This is the second time in a year you can expect to feel at your fullest in terms of manifesting the changes you wish to see. The winter season you kicked off is over and you simply love death. Not because you’re depressed or fetishize life in a rather gothic, romantic way (the crazy things astrologers try to throw at you) but rather you love death because it is a time where everything not working can finally end and be reborn new again. This month with a sun, moon and Venus in Taurus you are provided with a chance to reformulate your deepest desires. Death is about breaking the barriers of walls we have built in front of us so we can walk through new again. Death is about rebirth. When the full moon reaches Scorpio at the end of the month, you have the choice to recognize that you may not be able to change circumstances but you have full control over how you respond to them and learn fully from any perceived “mistakes.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
This month expect to find surges of optimism and joy around every corner. You are the glass half-full sign. You find happiness even in the smallest and darkest of corners. Your smile lights up a room. When Taurus season kicks off with a moon, sun and Venus conjunction in Taurus you are ready to make people feel happy and safe with you. Taurus is an earth sign which rules stability and growth. Sagittarius is a positive and optimistic sign which wants to make the world better by simply being better. Although you’re a fire sign, you are still a sensitive soul. This month our most highly influential planets (sun and moon) are exalted (or rather so, so happy in their current signs). Use this to inspire other people. This is a great time for you to show people the true meaning of hope and how to keep believing. You have the power to create large change and lasting effects in others lives.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
To my dear old goats, your longtime best friend the Taurus bull is back in town and ready to hang out with you. Your two energies go together like organic almond butter and locally sourced raspberry marmalade. You’re better than the old pb & j because you have an elevated understanding of each other's personal needs. Taurus is all about building for the future through secure and lasting modalities. An astrologer many, many years ago once told me, “Imagine putting a stick in the ground and coming back years later to find it in the same spot. That is a Taurus.” So Capricorn (who is ruled by Saturn) appreciates this long, arduous sense of patience. So since your chemistry is undeniable you can expect to feel the same benefits of the season with your fellow earth sign friends. The beginning of this month is a great time to write down all of your intentions for the upcoming weeks. This combination of the moon exalted in Taurus and the sun exalted in Aries brings a deeply intensive planetary shift to your world. In short, this is a magical, powerful time. Just be mindful that what you desire is for the benefit of all people and not just to serve your ego because your sun sign reminds us to work towards lasting (not temporary) happiness.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Guess what my dear waterbearers, this month in Taurus is going to bring amazing harmony to your world. You are both fixed signs with strong, yet different personalities. However, you relate to this sun’s energy through both being strong personalities. In fact, your creative, hands-off approach and easygoing attitude is a perfect pairing for Taurus. Your differences are noticeable and yet powerful, because you can influence each other without changing each other. In short, this means that with a new moon, sun and Venus in Taurus this month you have the chance to start determining the next steps in your life. This month you can get finances organized or simply take a chance on a new project. If you work in harmony with the transits this month, you may find that they are the perfect balance and earth grounding you need to accomplish any goals you set for the summer.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
If this month's horoscope was considered a compatibility pairing, you would be considered perfect for Taurus. In fact, as the transit this month brings in a new moon, sun and Venus in Taurus (two of those planets being extremely happy in this signs), this will bring a sense of structure to your dreams. Pisces is a natural dreamer, intuitive and creative soul. You bring a lofty sense of idealism that provides Taurus with a deeper meaning to life. Likewise, an exalted (or very happy) new moon (one of your most influential planets in a chart) in the sign of Taurus will heighten your natural gifts. This really is a time for you to go within because manifesting anything you desire is at its peak. The moon represents our deepest emotional needs and when in Taurus it creates lasting happiness through hard work and perseverance. Pisces is exalted by Jupiter and when these energies collide anything is possible, just make sure your heart is always in the right place. This month might be the time to start moving up in those reiki classes or other continuing education for your intuitive gifts.

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