Mythbusters' Adam Savage and the Subway Urination Electrocution

In the current Orlando Weekly's Live Active Cultures column, you'll find my recent interview with Mythbusters co-star Adam Savage, who will appear live with partner Jamie Hyneman at the UCF Arena this Friday.

Because of space limitations, we were unable to publish a portion of the topics covered in the interview. As an added web-only bonus, here is a lost interview segment addressing one of Mythbusters' more shocking experiments:

In a 2003 episode you "busted" the notion of being electrocuted by urinating on an electrified subway rail. In April 2012, a Chicago man reportedly died doing just that. Any plans to retract or revisit your findings?

No, I think we got that one right, and I'll tell you why. From what I know from having researched it, this guy, there's not anybody that saw him pissing on the rail. He was found next to the rail, having been electrocuted.

This happens all the time, where you take a look at something, and then when you take a little bit of a closer look, unfortunately you don't have a first-hand, first-person account. You have a second-hand person's assumption of what happened, based on some fairly compelling physical evidence, but still not definitive.

Until I, unfortunately, would have to look at close-up camera footage of someone actually having electricity arc all the way up their pee, I will stand by our results.

And honestly, I hope I never see that.


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