Fringe review! 'The Well of Horniness'

'The Well of Horniness'

TheatreMania Productions

Brown Venue


Like a fast-moving train with frequent stops for laughs, the five funny women of The Well of Horniness plowed down the tracks of the lesbian murder mystery. Remember their names: Heather Delmotte, Michele Feren, Laura Hodos, Robyn (Pedrero) Kelly and Heather Leonardi.

Sensitivity alert: The plot is blatantly naughty, and there's a full-scream, woman-on-woman, eating-from-under-the-table orgasm in the first part of the show (Feren giving to Robyn). From that point, there is no pulling back from the lezzy humor, any way it could be worked in.

It takes a few minutes to acclimate yourself to the radio-show setup: The audience views the actresses readying for the "on air" signal, behind microphones and next to boxes of props. Come broadcast time, the storytelling begins for "The Well of Horniness" radio play, featuring an unaccountable number of characters as captured by the comedic actresses, commercial breaks and over-the-top melodrama.

At times, the show was too convoluted to follow, and there were parts that had obviously been better rehearsed than others; both of which added a roller-coaster effect of highs and lows to the titillating and scintilating production.

The world of professional comedy may be a male-dominated, but here's a cast of women actors who are very funny, indeed. Pussy power at its funniest.

â?? Lindy T. Shepherd

NOTE TAKEN FROM THEATREMANIA'S FACEBOOK PAGE: "The Well of Horniness" cast will appear in "The Bong Show with Pepe" Monday 5/18, 6:00pm, then perform WoH immediately following at 7:25pm. Tickets for both shows:

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