Fiesta In The Park returns to Orlando this November

Fiesta In The Park returns to Orlando this November
photo by Holly Whelden

There's something kind of off-putting about the year after a big anniversary. Saying you're going to the 51st annual running of something or other hits the back of the teeth wrong. But we're sure all that awkwardness will melt away once revelers get into Lake Eola Park this November for the 51st Fiesta in the Park.

It all goes down for a second time this year starting November 5. The fall version of this twice-a-year fest will feature all the food, sights and fun you've come to expect. Hundreds of craft vendors and handfuls of food slingers will be on hand for the regularly packed bash.

The two-day fest starts on Saturday, Nov. 5 and runs again on Sunday. The party starts both days at 10 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m.

Though this party is nominally taking place in the fall, expect plenty of sunshine and wear appropriate protection. Nothing worse than being unable to hang your new art due to sun poisoning on your arms. 
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