Best! Job! Ever! Acro-Cats seek tour assistant to travel cross-country with cat circus

For the right person, this is a once-in-a-lifetime dream job opportunity. In this year's Best of Orlando one of our Writers' Picks (written by a writer who is not me — I swear) was awarded to the Acro-Cats, or as we called it, "Best! Show!! Ever!!!" and now, as if a genie has granted that writer's wish (not me), now the Chicago-based cat circus is looking to hire help.

The Acro-Cats settled in for an ecstatically received run at the Venue in March 2015, which we (not me) breathlessly previewed and (again, not me) glowingly reviewed ("It's a shame that vaudeville and Ed Sullivan are long dead, because Samantha Martin's troupe of trained housecats would have been mega-stars in an earlier era").

The Amazing Acro-Cats climb ropes, balance on balls and leap Guinness Record-setting distances, not to mention the heavily hyped Rock Cats, "the only cat band in existence" (their drummer is a chicken named Cluck Norris), but between performances they also maintain their own Twitter feeds, where Tuna and Buggles and Jax and Ozwald hiss and throw plenty of shade at each other … as cats do.

Yes, it is pretty much crazytown. However, Acro-Cats impresario and feline P.T. Barnum Samantha Martin can't wrangle all these beasts on her own, much less get everyone their Science Diet on time and "help" them tweet. So here's your big chance, Crazy Cat Person!

The full job description is below; to apply, go here

Has your dream always been to run away with a cat circus? Then here's the job for you! Samantha Martin and the Acro-Cats are looking for a tour assistant to travel cross-country with a troupe of trained cats (plus a groundhog, a chicken and a few rats) as they purr-form at venues in cities across the United States.
Job Requirements:
1. Animal care experience - Daily, weekly and monthly cat care duties - including but not limited to general and advanced cleaning and care/welfare of animals and their living environment.
2. Out-going personality, a keen sense of humor, the ability to roll with the punches, a flexible schedule, a high comfort level engaging with crowds of cat lovers, open to new experiences, lots of fun and craziness. We travel in a tour bus and share RV/hotel rooms.
3. Physically fit - able to lift and transport up to 50 lbs of show props and animal carriers from tour bus to stage and back.
4. Theater experience a plus - purr-form front and back of house duties, stage management, operate the light and sound, and help on stage with animals and prop placement.
5. Work with volunteers - wrangle and train volunteers who help with the shows.

Pay varies by show and includes per diem. No cat allergies. MUST LOVE CATS!
Serious applicants only. This job is a LOT of work and time on the road, but also the opportunity of a lifetime.

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