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Friday, February 7, 2020

Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser hails the new-year-new-you potential of Aquarius season

Posted By on Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 11:28 AM

  • Illustration by Anna Cruz

Every day we are reborn and, also, die again. Each sunrise, a new beginning. Every sunset, an ending. Seasons change. The wheel of life turns. What feeds our soul is as equally important as what must be released to let die. This process is natural. Look outside your window; notice everything dancing in an effortless, routine cycle. It’s simple really. What is new will live, what is old will die. Likewise, life repeats. A girl reminds you of someone from your past; what is old is suddenly new again. Life is like a box of reincarnated chocolates, or something like that. So, why is it that when life finally moves forward and up, we become so afraid of what must die from our past in order for that to happen? Why do we resist our own cycles?

It seems we are strapped to this crazy karmic wheel called Life. Like nature which surrounds us, humans also have an instinctual drive to develop and change. Yet, somehow, doubt pressures our every move. Self-judgment paralyzes us. Instagram reminders on how to “live your best life” pile up in all our minds. I often find myself asking myself, how do I create more success? Should I stay in this city? This apartment? This job? This relationship? What if a new, better life still lies beyond? How do I find more to live for? How do I prevent this moment from dying? Again, death and rebirth. On and on.

Recently, I realized that there are few things in this world that cannot be purchased on Amazon. One of them is faith, or rather, trust in your life wheel. In astrology, Saturn represents fears. The sign and house it is placed in will tell me the root and source. More specifically, it highlights issues where one experiences time delays, loss, restrictions and disappointments. The zodiac sign Aquarius represents areas where we feel free, curious, independent and brave. It represents areas where one will move forward to find personal autonomy, and also, work with others towards humanitarian ends.

Together, this odd duo behaves so much better in each other's company. A beautiful union, they make each other stronger. Saturn is loyal and supportive, a great listener. Aquarius is free and beautiful, a great teacher. They hold space for each other to grow, change, develop. They learn and shift into new areas of awareness hand in hand. This is exactly what we should hope for this month.

Aquarius sun energy has slid into our DMs this past week and we continue to remain at the mercy of our karmic daddy, Saturn. Neighbor to the rigid goat, the 11th sign Aqaurius is also ruled by Saturn. As an air sign, the way the Saturnian energy manifests through Aquarius is totally different than when transiting it’s earthly counterpart. Under Capricorn, Saturn's influence illuminates dark parts of our soul and how hard we must work on these areas. In Aquarius, Saturn becomes the free-spirited archetype, desiring death to obtain forward movement. Not a watery “go with the flow” Pisces, rather, Aquarius uses stamina from memories of the past to head towards the future. Really, Aquarius is a paradox.

Aquarius longingly reminisces for the old, yet moves intensely towards the new. This sign is frustrating to many astrologers. It doesn’t make logical sense: death in life and life in death? Yet, once we observe our old patterns, we recognize the part we play in moving our wheel of life along. You create what you make. Good typically comes to those who keep improving themselves. Moving forward means what no longer serves you must die away. Likewise, reflecting on our old ghosts can help determine what we need to create a new life. When you find death in this life or really life in this death, you find what moves you. You begin to fully understand your cycles.

For a while now, I have been grappling with both life and death. At night, trying to release what has been dying around me and accepting it. Each morning, recognizing the choice I have to live and invest towards a new future. I believe the wheel of life is not inherently good nor evil, rather, it is what we choose to believe about it that determines everything. So, I won’t advise you simply to look at your glass as half full. However, I will say that Aquarius would tell you straight up: you are powerfully unique. You always have, and always will have, the power to shape life, and also shape death. Keep living, keep dying. Keep transforming. Keep remembering, keep releasing. Keep being you.

February Horoscopes for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Hello old rams, welcome to Aquarius season. Ruled by fire, air signs often confuse you. You are all about forward direct action. Air people really need time to think. And then Aries yells, “There's no time for thinking!” Your daily sun, or life force, requires action, impulse and movement. Air is too scattered. However, the water bearer (Aquarius) this month is laid back enough to let you do your own thing. Aquarius wants you to use her air to feel free. The energy of the sun in Aquarius is really good for your spirit. You guys relate to issues that have to do with, well, independence — one of your archetype's lessons. Aquarius may influence you to go on a solo journey to a new place. You may feel even more comfortable going out alone. However, Aquarius is a humanitarian. It would benefit you to not only go solo, but to do it for a cause. The karma will return tenfold. Likewise, Venus is transiting your sign of Aries this month. This can help bring you a lot of peace of mind in your personal world. It also creates change for some new ideals on how the independent “you” can still have worthwhile, flexible relationships with others.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Happy second month of this new year, darling bulls! Ruled by Venus, you are quite comfortable with Saturn. You’re old friends really. In fact, Venus is the only planet that makes Saturn want to change. You have the power of Venus love working through your sun, which brings so much light to our darkest planet (Saturn). Your sun energy has an impact on Saturn’s rigid nature. This is why you make such great friends with Capricorn. Earth signs ruled by different planets and, yet, you guys seem to get along so well. This month you can expect the Aquarian spirit to bring you even closer to your loved ones. This could manifest as simply being the emotionally supportive one. However, since Aquarius represents love for all, it could also mean you find yourself engaging to support large group efforts. Aquarius is the humanitarian and you are simply the influencer.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Hello, hello my baby twins, welcome to the season ruled by your favorite airy sister, Aquarius. You guys are a great match in the Zodiac. You are alike in many ways. Although ruled by different planets, an Aquarius sun or Venus person can put you at ease. This is because the air spirit which rules you makes you enjoy lighthearted friendships, low pressure commitments and endless conversations about, well, everything. Aquarius represents out-of-the-box thinking. She has a unique, progressive mindset. She is all about showing off her independence and freedom. In a relationship, a Venus in Aquarius could take many lovers or partners from totally unique backgrounds, while also holding a few poly relationships. For a Gemini, you love this laid-back approach and casual conditions. In short, expect this month to be filled with a sense of ease for you. You may find yourself walking lighter, feeling freer and less stressed than the rest. Although ruled by Saturn, Aquarian energy isn’t strict for you. Rather, the opposite. Enjoy the ride. Watch movies. Bake cookies. Make new friends, just be sure to cherish the old too.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Hiiiiii cutie crabs, welcome to Aquarius season. An odd pairing indeed. You are ruled by the moon, the unconditional, loving mother. This means you don’t fully understand Saturn, the conditional, tough father. Energy this month can feel a bit stifling. In astrology, when Saturn comes close to the moon, it can represent a person filled with unknown fears or guilt. They often long for the freedom to love, both themselves and others. When two Saturn transits move one after the other (January in Capricorn and February in Aquarius), it may feel like you’ve been doing a long haul of emotional labor for others. Perhaps feeling emotionally restricted yourself. This month, Saturn eases up in this air sign. It asks you to be more light-hearted but also, expressive. Aquarius loves music, fashion and old romance movies. If you feel like you’ve been holding it all in, then find a creative way to let it out. You are the warm lover and, yes, even mother of the Zodiac, so it’s normal that you naturally nurture. Which is why the cold father, Saturn, can feel so abnormal. Don’t turn your emotional back on the world this month. Know how crucial your intuitive awareness is. Your sensitivity makes you strong and Saturn will push you into new situations you didn’t know you could handle. Expect to walk out of this month and into Pisces season with a lot of confidence and light.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Roar loud for me my glorious lions, welcome to your polar season, Aquarius. Yup, you heard me correctly. Aquarius is your opposite sign in the Zodiac, sitting exactly 180 degrees apart in the wheel. In one sense, it would make this sign your arch nemesis. In another, it is one of the most important energies for you to understand. Ruled by the sun, you are no friend to Saturn. Rather, he is such a pain in your ass. Perhaps, these past two months have felt endless or overworked. It would even be normal to feel guilty over something but not know the exact source (that’s Saturn for ya, baby). You may feel like your wheels haven’t stopped spinning, and you’re wondering where the damn reward is? As the sun king of the Zodiac, you expect to shine. When Saturn rears his restrictions onto you, this stifles your sense of freedom and brings a damper to your usually outgoing pace. Don’t stress, darling. The full moon is in your sign this month, helping you release old shadows. Aquarius is simply working to assist you in understanding yourself. In fact, it’s also helping you understand others. Leo is the king, which means he thinks mostly about himself. A great lesson for you this month is to think about the ways you feel rewarded when you share your love with others. If you’ve been feeling down or overworked, friendship and connection are your best bets at stress relief. The lesson this month is not to judge yourself internally (and possibly feel victimized by the world) but rather push your love out externally and share warmth with others. It will return to you tenfold.

Virgo (Aug.23-Sept. 22)

Hello my pure, beautiful virgins, welcome to Aquarius season! Your polar sign Pisces is transiting Mercury this month. Although it will go retrograde on the 17th of February, making communication a bit difficult, this is a great chance to explore your verbal world. You see, Mercury is your ruling planet. When placed in your polar sign and in retrograde, you may start the month feeling like you don’t know what you want to say to others. Maybe there’s a lingering fear of saying the wrong thing. Maybe there’s a wish to not verbally express yourself. It is crucial that you keep yourself grounded during this time. Rather, breathe 1-2-3 before you converse with another. Maybe even count all the way to 10. Likewise, Venus is steadily moving its way through the sign Aries, helping you feel more determined to go after what you want. With an Aquarius sun, Venus in Aries and a Mercury retrograde in Pisces, all of these different energies are moving you be an observer this month. You may find yourself attracted to or interested in different types or kinds of people. Curiosity can be an appeal for connection this month. Take time in your conversations and expect to connect in whole new, unique Aquarius like ways. Enjoy your observations, learn from them. Then embrace the silence of your inner peace in knowing yourself.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct.22)

My beautiful scales of balance, welcome to Aquarius season. You guys are like stepsisters in the Zodiac. You both have the same ruling element, air. Yet, Aquarius is all about being independent, while Libra is all about partnership. With Venus in Aries (your polar sign) this month, expect a lot of personal changes in your energy field. First, with the sun in Aquarius, you may find yourself dreaming of solo experiences or new adventures. Aquarius may not be blood-related, but it’s still a damn stepsister and her influence on you is strong. Something about the way this archetype moves intrigues you. You want to know how to look cool while alone in a crowd. This month, expect to feel your most self-confident while in groups of people. This month is a great chance to meet more like-minded souls. Likewise, the Venus in Aries transit will help you feel more confident and secure in speaking up for yourself. Aries pushes you, so does Aquarius. Aquarius brings you out of your comfort zone, both in feeling okay going out alone and how you judge yourself. Expect to change up some personal records this month. You’re more independent and comfortable without a partner than you think.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Hello my deep, dark scorpions, Aquarius season is here to turn you upside down and then right-side up again. You two are opposites in many ways. Your ruling planet is Mars, which is impulsive and over active. Saturn is, well, methodical and likes to take his time. In astrology readings, you both are neutral towards each other. However, the energy of Saturn and Mars interacting this month can help you turn a lot of agony into wisdom. In short, Saturn puts purpose to discomfort, Mars doesn’t. All that emotional running around you do may leave you burnt out at times. The romantic scenarios always running through your mind, or “i can’t wait to ___” can keep you going for awhile, until you eventually can’t bear with the suffering much longer. Which is why you crave transformation. You want to put purpose to pain, confusion and misery. Saturn helps you do that. Expect this month to find deep inner truth and wisdom. Expect to cast light on all of your shadows.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Hello my courageous archers, welcome to Aquarius season. Ruled by Jupiter, you are a neutral planet to Saturn. You are easygoing enough to understand the place for hard work, you just enforce it in a much nicer way. Your connection to Aquarius is unique. In a relationship reading, I would pair you as compatible in many ways. I say this for two reasons. One, you relate because your polar opposite sign, Gemini, is sister to Aquarius. Secondly, and most importantly, the Sagittarius sun really values their sense of freedom. You don’t want to feel stifled by others, rather supported. Aquarius sun can do just that for you. Likewise, you want to have a lot of energy, grace, laughter and cheerfulness in your relationships. You want to move freely without restriction or guilt. So, again, Aquarius is your perfect balance of mindfulness of how your actions impacts others (Saturn), and yet carefree and impulsive enough to keep things interesting for you. Expect this month to help you chart new territory. You may find yourself engaging in new activities, interests or groups. Aquarius takes you a bit out of your comfort zone, in a good way. It helps you make new plans for your life. You are totally in control right now of what you want to manifest. Enjoy.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)

Hello, my old and wise goats, welcome to Aquarius season! Leaving your comfort zone behind, expect to get moved by the waves of air! This month is still about your shared ruling planet, Saturn. Yet, it’s also about letting go, moving forward, shackling off any leftover chains of pressure. With Saturn in both corners, you have a quiet respect for Aquarius. She teaches you beauty in all things. Expect this month to find love in unexpected places. Patience in the unknown. The contradiction will go on until you realize how much this month has to offer you in letting go of what you think you should be and moving into knowing that the world will love you regardless of how hard you work. Ruling the 11th house, the house of friendship, Aquarius brings unique wonderful people to our lives that help see us. You are a reflection of many things, you are capable of many things. Most of all, you are not just your work.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Welcome home my water babies, your season is finally here for us to celebrate! Yass my queens. It is time to letcha freak flag fly. As I explained earlier, your sign continues to confuse astrologers; but this is exactly why I love you. We call you the water-bearer, but you’re an air sign. You are all about living free, but you’re ruled by the most restrictive planet, Saturn. You are a beautiful contradiction in every way. In my personal opinion, you are a unique collage of all the Zodiac signs combined in the most balanced way. You care a lot about others, like Libra. You can be very emotionally reasonable, like Capricorn. You are aggressive and passionate, like Aries. You are creative and dreamy, like Pisces. You are mysterious, like Scorpio, and steady, like Virgo. You are all of it. The light and the dark. As your planets transit this month, expect to find your sun boosted with loads of varying energy. You will start to feel the sun's energy in your sign illuminating some old, shadowy darkness. The sun and Saturn energies will work together to help you explore light in hidden places; strength in unknown emotional reserves. The karmic balance. Expect any leftover karma from the past year to be finally put to rest. Whatever you have been working for, expect clarity. This is your time to show the world all you have to offer and I hope you embrace all the love the world returns. You are an anomaly; a unique, worldly butterfly. Keep on flying high.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Hello my dreamy fish, welcome to Aquarius season this month! Mercury is moving in retrograde in your sign this month, so don’t get tripped up too much if you feel your voice isn’t heard. This is where Aquarius will come to save the day. In fact, you both resonate. You’re both exciting and adventurous. You both dream romantically and politically. You want the world to be a better place. You guys really care about others. With the sun transiting a Saturn ruled sign, your leading guru, Jupiter, takes a neutral backseat. This will change the pace of your thinking (welcome in the air element this month!) You may find that you are more interested in reading than writing. Listening than talking. Saturn takes you inward, where your ruling planet Jupiter is always taking you outward to expand. As you tune into your own inner world, you may find new, uncharted territory. Keep digging, keep transforming and keep helping others. It’s what you two signs do best.

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