Legally Screwed with Attorney Jeff Kaufman: Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Question:  My buddy and I screw around backhanding each other in the crotch as a way of fooling around. Last week I was getting him back and must have hit him too hard and ruptured one of his testicles. He says he is going to sue me. What do I do?

Why does this stuff always happen here in Florida? Well, you have already admitted to hitting him even if in jest, but it can be assumed that it was with permission. Still, both of you were acting negligently so being that Florida is a comparative negligence state, fault can be proportionately split up.

After considering this might be a joke, I did some research and it normally takes about 110 pounds of force to rupture a testicle. That was from internet research, not an actual experiment I conducted personally.  An average martial artist can punch at around 175 pounds per square inch, so it is possible you caused this injury and might be held comparatively responsible.

Hope your buddy hangs in there.

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