Legally Screwed with Attorney Jeff Kaufman: If your legal problem lasts more than 4 hours...

Question: I went to my doctor and told him I had a problem with ED. He sent me to a specialist who gave me the generic version of Viagra. I guess I am one of the people who the warning was made for and I had to go to the emergency room because my erection would not go down. What are my options?

Answer: Wow. This is a hard one. Sorry… I know this is a terribly personal issue. Not to get even more personal, but one of the treatments is for a doctor to withdraw the blood with a needle and/or surgically install a shunt to divert blood flow. Hopefully, this did not have to be done.

A prolonged erection is one of the warnings given when taking this medication. Viagra has had a history of lawsuits concerning melanoma, vision loss, heart attack and stroke.

Now, readers might laugh about this. Priapism is the medical term for a prolonged erection, which is usually painful, can cause serious tissue damage and can make ED worse.

What legal options do you have? Unless you can show it was improperly prescribed or the emergency room doctors clearly acted negligently, this might be something you have to let go of, but you should contact an attorney for a more thorough consultation.

This one is going to stay with me.
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