Legally Screwed with Attorney Jeff Kaufman: Can't Wash That Off

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Question: I was pulling a practical joke on my boyfriend and got a henna tattoo of his name on my arm. I had a bad reaction to the henna ink, and it is now permanently burned into my arm. Can I sue the person who did the henna tattoo?

Answer: Believe it or not, the FDA has issued warnings concerning black henna ink. A lot of the time the ink is black hair dye or a mix which could seriously harm your skin and cause scarring.

Hopefully, it was done by a business that has insurance, so you might be able to get the corrective cosmetic surgery you need. If it was done by an individual or a business that does not have insurance, it might be difficult to get any recovery.

The reason why it is not feasible to file a lawsuit against a person in Florida is because Florida is very debtor-friendly. Judgments normally do not attach to joint assets and to primary homesteads.

Here’s hoping you two have a long happy life “TOGETHER!”

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