Java Burn Reviews - The World's Most Effective Weight Loss Coffee

Java Burn Reviews: How does Java Burn work? What are the ingredients found in the formula? Does it really boost metabolism? Can you really lose weight by using Java Burn? Read my honest review.

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What is Java Burn?

Java Burn is a food supplement for weight loss. It uses a patent-pending formula that boosts metabolism naturally in combination with caffeine.

The world’s first of its kind, the Java Burn proprietary blend of natural ingredients is 100% safe and effective in boosting energy and well-being while burning fat without the need for diet or exercise.

While there’s nothing new about weight-loss supplements, there has never been anything close to Java Burn ever attempted.

Java Burn has no added fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, or stimulants of any kind, so it is tasteless and dissolves instantly in any type of coffee.

Java Burn is

* All-natural
* Vegetarian
* Non-GMO
* Gluten-free

The manufacturing standards employed in its production assure the safety of each pack. Java Burn is made in the US at an FDA- audited state-of-the-art facility under the most sterile, strict, and precise standards.

The facility follows the FDA’s cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations that ensure “the identity, strength, quality, and purity” of products.

In addition, each batch of Java Burn undergoes testing by a third-party lab to ensure industry-leading standards for quality, purity, and potency.

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What Goes Into Java Burn?

According to creator John Barban, Java Burn is formulated with all-natural ingredients proven to boost metabolism. Plus it comes in an easily dissolvable powder form making it ultra-convenient. Its super ingredients include:

Green Tea Leaf Extract:
It is often found in weight loss supplements and research proves that green tea triggers weight loss. Scientists ascribe this effect to the presence of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, a natural compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Barban claims that the green tea leaf extract used in Java Burn has higher concentrations of EGCG, which boosts its weight loss effects.

Found in green tea, L-Theanine is a naturally occurring chemical with no direct link to weight loss. What it does instead is to protect the brain by dampening the side effects of large doses of caffeine such as jitters, restlessness, and anxiety. L-theanine in Java Burn promotes mental clarity, cognition, and focus, making weight loss safe and less stressful.

L-Carnitine: The amino acid L-carnitine is essential for building muscle and is typically present in bodybuilding supplements. L-Carnitine in Java Burn contributes to increased energy which in turn encourages more activity thus helping with weight loss. While exercise is unnecessary for Java Burn to work, it does help, and L-carnitine helps the body recover quickly from intense physical exertions.

Chromium, an essential trace mineral regulates blood sugar and enhances lipid metabolism, to promote fat burning. Research also suggests that chromium may encourage weight loss and muscle building and in tiny amounts can also prevent the formation of fat.

The exact dosages of these ingredients are a closely guarded secret. Suffice it to say that they are carefully formulated for nutritional synergy and to achieve the desired results.

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How does Java Burn work?

Most people accept that the metabolism rate has a direct effect on weight loss or gain. Metabolism converts calories into energy, so people with high metabolism tend to feel more energetic. People with low metabolism, on the other hand, tend to feel more lethargic.

The good thing is you burn calories even when you don’t move. Your body needs energy for the hidden functions of the body, from breathing to digesting food, so your metabolism works all the time.

However, one study shows that metabolism might be higher in the late afternoon and evening, which means you are at a low ebb in the morning.

Java Burn boosts your metabolism for the whole day, meaning that you are burning calories all the time, whether you are moving or not, at any time of the day. In effect, when you take your morning coffee supplemented with Java Burn, you are cutting that low-ebb time of the day.

That sounds great, but weight loss is not the only thing that Java Burn claims it can do. The supplement is said to burn fat quickly, thanks to its chromium content.

Java Burn starts to boost your metabolism from the very first dose. However, don’t golf out hopes of instantaneous results. While you might notice an increase in your energy levels throughout the day, the weight loss and fat burning may take a while to become apparent.

According to Barban, it might take about three to six months before you see any significant changes. That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can eat and drink anything, not exercise and still lose weight if you take Java Burn every day.

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What Are The Benefits of Consuming Java Burn?

The most apparent benefit of Java Burn is the increase in energy levels due to higher metabolism rates. The effects of Java Burn are said to be instantaneous, and the reviews attest to that. Some people have even claimed that it has reduced their appetite, but that might not directly have anything to do with Java Burn.

In the long term, Java Burn claims to increase your metabolic rate, helping you to lose weight and unwanted fat in problem areas. The weight and fat loss will not only make you feel more attractive and confident, but it also improves your overall physical health.

Carrying around excessive weight takes a toll on your bones and connective tissues, especially your back, knees, and feet. Excess fat also harms your internal organs, particularly your heart and your lungs. The fact that you don’t have to do any strenuous exercise to lose weight also benefits you in the end.

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Java Burn Reviews: Conclusion

Perhaps the best testimony to the efficacy of Java Burn is from John Barban himself. He claims that he and his entire family and his team are using Java Burn. But you don’t have to take him at his word.

Many customers have lent their faces and shared their experiences in a video on the official Java Burn website. Among the success stories are those that claimed weight loss (between 37 and 42 lb.), lowered cholesterol, and reduction in girth after taking Java Burn.

Barban and his team claim that the reviews on the video are just a few they receive from satisfied customers. Whether that is true or not, the fact is there are no negative reviews about Java Burn yet.

Instead, there appear to be quite a lot of people betting on Java Burn to help make their weight loss dreams come true.

When it comes to Java Burn, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case, the drinking.

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