How To Vape?

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If you are an avid smoker, you must be aware how vaping is one of the most pleasurable activities. In Fact, there is no doubt about the fact that it efficiently reduces stress and anxiety. However, since it is a relatively unpopular activity, not everyone is familiar with the method used for vaping.

Hence, if you are a newbie, you may get quite disappointed with your first vaping experience because you probably won’t be able to do it properly. However, before you decide to switch back to your traditional cigarette and ditch the vape, you need to learn how to vape properly.


If you are just starting, the right strategy is to opt for a simple vape. This is the most convenient method to opt for, as it is extremely user-friendly as compared to an advanced vape that will most likely be too complex for you to use initially.

Things you would need

There are three essentials that you need to keep in handy for a pleasurable vaping experience. These include the following:

1. Vaporizer coil
2. Vaporizer tank
3. Vaporizer mod

Since these are part of the vaporizer itself, you will have to buy the E-liquid separately. Moreover, once you become a regular vape user, you may have to add it as a repeated purchase.

Now, let’s get to the step-by-step vaping process:

Priming the coil

Priming the coil is the first step to smoking the vape. This is especially needed when using a new coil for the first time. Simply soak the coil in the liquid to give your coil a long life, and ensuring that it won't be burnt out way too soon.

Furthermore, if you are looking to prime the coil, just take the e-liquid and put three drops of it right to the middle of the coil. Next, you need to fill the tank up and soak the coil in it for around fifteen minutes.

Turning the vape on

Turning the vape on requires you to click the button specifying 'fire' thrice. However, make sure to do the same to turn it off when you are not using it anymore. This will ensure that nothing around you catches fire accidentally even in case you are a bit careless about it, unintentionally.

The vaping process

Now, coming to how to vape, the good news is that the process is not too complicated as it may appear to be. You need to inhale right from the starting point of the vape. Begin inhaling, and then hold on to the fire button until you finish the drag. Once you are done, stop inhaling and get off the fire button. Make sure to stay safe while you are doing so.

It is to be noted that the vape is a device powered by a battery. This battery acts as a heating element to get it running. Moreover, the e-liquid is vaporized by the coil, producing the vapor you inhale as a user, and comes in various flavors to further boost the pleasure in vaping.

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