Golden Superfood Bliss Reviews (Danette May) – Does It Work?

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Golden Superfood Bliss by Danette May is a powerful stress and sleep formulation that features a blend of superfoods and turmeric powder to create lasting results. According to the official Golden Superfood Bliss website by Earth Echo Foods, the “craving-crushing, rejuvenation supporting ingredients” in this supplement can help curb stress eating and speed up metabolism to promote weight loss using a 4,500 year old bedtime tonic.

This Earth Echo Golden Superfood Bliss supplement from fitness celebrity Danette May is made with high-quality natural ingredients, including:

● Turmeric (plus black pepper to enhance absorption)
● Amla Fruit
● Exclusive Blend of 4 Synergistic Mushrooms
● MCT Oil
● Cinnamon
● Ashwagandha Root
● Ginger Root… and more!

Before this entire review of Golden Superfood Bliss, there are a few top-level attributes we can highlight about this drink mix supplement:

Can Help Stop Cravings

According to their official website, drinking the superfood bliss the desire to eat late and the temptation for sugary foods will reduce. Instead, you will feel full and ready to continue your day.

Can Help Lower Anxiety

Golden Superfood Bliss may help promote better sleep because the feeling of anxiety will reduce as a consequence of getting the right nutrients. This could help users sleep longer and stay asleep the whole time. Studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived eat an extra 385 calories per day which can add up to around a pound a week.

Can Speed Up Metabolism

Superfood Bliss promotes better metabolism and can work to reduce mid-day crashes with the sugar rushes and consumption of empty calories.
Ok, now for the nuts and bolts of this Golden Superfood Bliss review to see what Danette May has in store for users looking at a guilty-pleasure treat after a long stressful day that does not involve dieting, exercising or dealing with hormonal imbalances.

What is Golden Superfood Bliss?

Cravings are a common challenge of every diet, which can be largely due to restrictions or over-indulgence that can cause the desire for more.
As effective as it is to reduce the number of calories to trigger weight loss, committing to this plan can be difficult for some. Instead of trying to maintain willpower alone, consumers can add a supplement like Golden Superfood Bliss to their routine. Danette May covers extensively how being tired + moody + hungry will lead to emotional eating and how to properly address this hunger magnet issue.

Creator Danette May states that the reason for high appetite and weight gain after age 40 is largely due to a “switch” that can turn an individual into someone hungry and angry, causing them to stress eat.

Stress is a big trigger for overeating, and the use of Golden Superfood Bliss can help alleviate it. It does not matter if you have tried or are following any one number of fad diets, like Keto, Paleo, Low carb/high fat, High carb/low fat, Bulletproof, High protein, Intermittent fasting, Vegan, South Beach, Mediterranean, Hacker’s, DASH, Liquid or F-Plan – Danette May's Golden Superfood Bliss supplement ingredients are formulated to help manage appetite naturally once and for all.

Golden Superfood Bliss’s creators elaborate that there’s a missing piece of the puzzle that shows exactly why people get so hungry, though it isn't “diet and exercise” or “hormone” answer that individuals suspect nowadays.

The Golden Superfood Bliss Ingredients

Golden Superfood bliss by Danette May and Earth Echo Foods' is made with key superfood ingredients made to a supplement drink. Users who visit the official Earth Echo Foods website to see Danette May's Golden Superfood Bliss supplement will quickly learn about a delicious bedtime tonic that shuts down emotional eating all together while supporting a healthy inflammation response, improved digestion and even dissolving stubborn belly fat. But as the Danette May bedtime tonic name may suggest, one of the hidden benefits of Golden Superfood Bliss turmeric and superfood elixir blend is that it is also a powerful sleep aid by soothing occasional anxiety and stress.

The first notable ingredient in the unique Golden Superfood Bliss stress and sleep formulation is turmeric. Turmeric is used for the way it reduces inflammation in the joints, muscles, and other areas of the body. It also is known for promoting better digestion (since there’s less inflammation in the stomach and gut), and it can ease the pain of working out and recovery.

While its benefit as a sleep aid is not as popularly known, it is still incredibly helpful. Sleep is necessary for weight loss and many other reactions in the body since this is the time that the body takes to make repairs in connections and heal from the day’s escapades.

This supplement also includes black pepper extract. Black pepper extract is known for making food more bioavailable, which means that the bloodstream takes in as much of the formula as possible.

Along with turmeric and black pepper extract, Golden Superfood Bliss is made with:

Coconut milk, which can lower blood pressure and reduce the buildup of fat.

MCT oil, which improves weight loss and increases energy levels. These ingredients are used to help you lose weight and help the body burn calories, to help you feel full longer and avoid reaching for sugary snacks.

Amla fruit, which offers a high amount of vitamin C and improves the body’s metabolism. This fruit will allow you to reduce some of your fat and enable the body to use carbohydrates to enhance metabolic functions.

Cinnamon bark, which can promote better blood flow, improve insulin use, and reduce flatulence. Cinnamon Bark is extremely useful to combat “hunger hormones” and stop stress eating. Better digestive enzymes that will allow you to break up the carbohydrates in your body.

Ginger root, to ease nausea and reduce the body’s risk of infection. Ginger root will reduce appetite, and allows to accelerate digestion.

Cardamom, to deliver antioxidants and reduce digestive pain and inflammation. Cardamom allows to fight anxiety and increases the ability to fight against inflammatory aches and pains.

Ashwagandha, which has been used as a medicinal herb for stress, depression, testosterone production, and fertility. Ashwagandha helps to balance your anxiety and make it easier to fall asleep.

Reishi mushrooms, which increases the support for the immune system and eliminates fatigue. Reishi is used to help fight against inflammatory responses and can help shield the body from oxidative stress. These ingredients will help you feel better and allow you to attack the day.

Shiitake mushrooms, which are known for their support for the health of the heart and immunity. Shiitake helps boost body fat burning and can help you reduce your food intake allowing you to consume less calories per day.

Maitake mushrooms, which may fight the growth of tumors and can reduce cholesterol. Mitake allows to burn the fat from the Shiitake mushrooms.

Lion’s mane mushrooms, which may reduce the risk of dementia and ease stress. The Lions mane will help increase nerve growth and decrease 1-AG which makes you feel hungry after a meal.

Users will only need to mix one scoop of the powder with water or other liquids to make the difference. As one can clearly tell, Danette May's Earth Echo Foods' Golden Superfood Bliss supplement powder did not hold anything back as it quite literally can give users “sunshine you can feel”.

Purchasing Golden Superfood Bliss

You can buy the Golden Superfood Bliss by clicking here. Normally these supplements go for $100 a bag, but if you order now you can get the bag for as low as $39.99. There are three different packages that you can choose from which include the single bag at $53.95, three bags for $49.98 each, or the five pack for $39.99.

Golden Superfood Bliss is available in two ways – subscribing to regular shipments or as individual shipments. Subscribing saves more, but it is up to the user how much they want at once. Choose from:
● One pouch for $59.95 ($53.95 with subscription)
● Three pouches for $149.95 (no subscription available)
● Five pouches for $199.95 (no subscription available)

The shipping and handling of the package will be calculated when the user checks out. If you don’t feel amazing after sixty days you can return the bags for a full refund. You deserve to feel great and be your old self again, so grab a bag for yourself and get rejuvenating results.

Users may also want to know how else Danette May's Golden Superfood Bliss supplement works as well as other tips to start implementing into your daily routine.

Ways to combat night time/stress eating

Golden Superfood Bliss is all about helping users overcome nighttime food consumption and emotional overeating. In addition to using Danette May's superfood supplement mix, here are a few tips to apply into your daily lifestyle that can help users quickly reduce and even eliminate the emotional eating so many deal with.

Figure out what the cause is

If you know your stress eating because you're nervous about a big test. Don’t wait till the last minute to study.

Find a routine

If you try and eat at the same time, you can develop a strict eating schedule. If you allow yourself to eat whenever then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Plan meals

If you plan your meals and cook once or twice a day, then you will have everything ready and won't leave room for a quick splurge.

Seek help with friends

If you’re looking to lose weight, try and join a friend and do it together. This way you will be less likely to cheat and will stick to your plan.

Don’t allow yourself to get stressed

Take a walk or do something that allows you to feel calm.

Eat adequate meals

Don’t just eat a small yogurt for breakfast, otherwise you will feel hungry throughout the day and will make exceptions to eat junk food.

Problems with stress snacking

Let's look at some of the problems with stress snacking:

Lower metabolism at night

If you’re grabbing that ice cream at 11PM, you’re not doing yourself a favor. Your body clock has been on all day and your metabolism is slowly turning off for the day. This means that you’re not burning those calories off and your body is turning it into fat.

Wasted Calories

When you’re stress snacking you aren’t getting nutritious meals in. This means you’re packing on empty calories and are not going to feel any better.

Problems sleeping

If you’re snacking late at night, you’re going to have a harder time sleep as your body is digesting food. If you’re eating high sugar substances then you could also be setting your body up for an insulin crash which will result in more cravings.

Ways to snack better

When you’re looking for a snack to grab, avoid  foods high on calories. Danette May made Golden Superfood Bliss to help users combat this exact issue. Find the food that will do your body the “best” in terms of fuel.

Take a food like Turmeric for example.

Turmeric can:

Help occasional anxiety and help calm down

When you’re less stressed you are less likely to stress eat and use food to make yourself feel better.

Cut down on body fat

When it’s being digested it can actually help burn body fat due to the nature of the minerals in the food itself.

Relieve pain

Turmeric has been known to help people relieve pain.

Help regulate digestion

If you’re having problems digesting food, it can be very painful and could be a result of a leaky gut.

Support inflammatory spasms

If you’re having inflammatory spasms as a result of working out then Turmeric can actually calm these spasms down and make them easier to get through.

Help with sleep

When trying to sleep turmeric can help boost your DHA levels which allow you to focus on sleep and stay asleep longer. Your vital hormones will rebalance and by the time you wake up, you will be refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Is Golden Superfood Bliss a Scam?

Shopping for supplements online is not an easy task to do when there are so many choices and options to comb through. In fact, being skeptical is smart and selecting the right formula for you is vital to your results as a whole. When weighing out the options on whether or not Danette May is legit or if Golden Superfood Bliss is a scam, it is a very easy equation in comparison to the hundreds and even thousands of available superfood products to buy. For starters, Danette May is front and center, all the way through and stands by each and every product she makes. From her Cacao Bliss to her Golden Superfood Bliss, her and the forward facing company Earth Echo Foods are two of the most upstanding entities to deal with and buy supplements from directly. The only way to get scammed by Golden Superfood Bliss is by not directly ordering from the official Earth Echo Foods website. Consumers should buy directly from Danette May and will also ensure that users get the 2-month refund protection and 60-day money back guarantee , another caveat working in favor of the legitimacy of Danette and Earth Echo.

Golden Superfood Bliss Reviews – Final Verdict

Golden Superfood Bliss combines high profile superfoods like turmeric, MCT oil, amla fruit, cinnamon, ginger root, ashwagandha, cardamon and multiple mushroom extracts to be effective and potent at curbing mindless eating and appetite optimization. Everyone struggles to control their weight and appetite at some point, which is why it is more important than ever to find a way to help out if there’s any chance of reducing calorie intake. While some diets just fill the body with an excessive amount of food throughout the day, the active superfoods and turmeric in this blissful formula will optimize appetite and reduce hunger naturally. Fewer calories mean less weight gain and even more weight loss, which is exactly what consumers seem to want from Golden Superfood Bliss.

Given who Danette May is, her ultra transparent Earth Echo Foods company, and the outstanding ingredient lineup found in Golden Superfood Bliss, this is virtually a risk-free purchase today. And it just so happens that right now there is the best deal ever given on the superfood supplement and is available for a limited-time only during this exclusive promotional period.

For more details on the 100% risk-free order,
visit the official Earth Echo Foods website to buy Danette May's Golden Superfood Bliss today!

The statements made in this sponsored post are those of the paid sponsor and not those of Orlando Weekly, and are not intended as medical advice. Consult your doctor before undertaking any changes to your physical, mental or dietary health.


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