You don’t get the Tea Party 

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You don’t get the Tea Party

Writer David Weir says that if there really were true problems in the U.S., there would be civil unrest and violence such as in other countries (“First Words,” Oct. 23). What he evidently is ignoring is that we are not like other countries. We no longer use violence to bring change. Would he rather that we did? He says that some people, like those in the Tea Party, “have lost sight of how good we really have it here in America.”
That is just the opposite of what the Tea Party wants. They want to preserve the benefits of living in the United States, which is in danger of being lost to our children and grandchildren due to excessive government spending. The vast majority of Tea Party folks are either employed or retired. Surveys have shown that, as a group, they are [of] above average intelligence. They make their viewpoint known without violence.
Mr. Weir says they no longer have the ability for “critical thinking and calm, reasoned, logical reflection.” By that I guess he means that they don’t agree with him. Protesting against the current administration’s desire to control our lives with thousands of new regulations that stymie business growth and a forced government healthcare system that 60 percent of Americans don’t want is not unreasonable. Sitting back and watching our country change without expressing our outrage is not logical.
Les Belikoff, via email

Save the whales

When I saw Blackfish on Thursday [on CNN], my feelings for SeaWorld changed completely (“New documentary Blackfish puts SeaWorld on the offense,” Aug. 7).
I am just sick to think of what they are doing to these beautiful creatures of the sea. They must be stopped!
Annette Herrera, via



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