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[Marijuana] is illegal at the moment (“Florida medical marijuana FAQ,” June 18). But prescription drugs that cause death and permanent damage to the mind and the body are totally legal. There’s a corporate money war going on behind the scenes. No one who is involved, especially the U.S. government, wants to make marijuana legal again for any reason because YOU CAN GROW IT! Almost anyone can grow it. So if you think of it that way, there’s all these companies that have poured billions of dollars into research on these synthetic compounds to fix people’s “problems,” when the real fix is something that grows out of the ground and has basically zero side effects. So they are all scared to get their hands dirty again because they would have to uproot all these pharmaceutical companies that have been around forever, giving the government money. Scared of change, just like most people are.
Booga, via

The positives on using MJ outweigh the negatives. It’s not for everyone, but with that said, with prescription drugs there are huge bucks to be made, and MJ would cut into that if more people use it than buy the prescription drugs. Plus, let’s not forget the money being made off of the prison system (as in arresting people who use MJ). If it is legalized, no money to be made. It’s all about money. That’s just what I see.
Joyce J./a Southern writer, via

Let me first say, I have never used marijuana. However, as I view the subject matter as an outsider, the negativity about its medical use is confusing to me. Is it not true that the majority of medical prescriptions contain some sort of drugs? And some of those medicines contain far more serious results to the recipient. So why the focus on marijuana?
Guest, via



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