SIGHT is the inspiring true story that looks at what it means to see beyond one’s self. The film traces Dr. Wang’s journey from a young boy facing persecution in communist China, to becoming one of the leading eye surgeons in America and developing an innovative technology that restores sight in millions of people.

- Synopsis provided by Fabric Origin


  • Andrew Hyatt


  • Terry Chen
  • Greg Kinnear
  • Fionnula Flanagan
  • Ben Wang
  • Wai Ching Ho
  • Danni Wang
  • Jayden Zhang
  • Mia SwamiNathan


  • Andrew Hyatt
  • Buzz McLaughlin
  • John Duigan


  • Aaron J. Wiederspahn
  • Dan Mark
  • Darren Moorman
  • David E. Fischer
  • Kaitlin Snow
  • Ming Wang
  • Rachel Tan
  • Shane Rickard
  • Vicki Sotheran
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    May 29, 2024

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