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We must have watched different movies (“Film review: The Wolf of Wall Street,” Dec. 27). Or are you one of those “contrarians” that I hear so much about?

This movie did not embrace Belfort’s lifestyle. This movie laid bare all the gross realizations of the consequences of excessive greed and consumerism. The behavior on the screen was disgusting, and it was meant to be disgusting.

It was an amazing critique of Wall Street, especially the part in the beginning with Matthew McConaughey, where he says, “We don’t make anything. We don’t build anything.”

Scorsese means to make the audience think, “Hey, yeah! They don’t actually do anything, so why do they deserve all this money?”

It was not glorifying in any way, and if anyone thinks that it does, I think that says more about the viewer than the film.
austinburns, via

As a complete film, I do not think that The Wolf of Wall Street holds up against a movie like Saving Mr. Banks. However, I did enjoy it.

Yes, I enjoyed it for all the reasons that I hate it. Let me explain. Not one character has a redeeming quality. Every scene was, well, obscene. It glorifies everything wrong with America. It will be watched over and over by the same crowd that enjoyed films like De Palma’s Scarface, Ferrara’s King of New York or Medak’s Romeo Is Bleeding.

I would be shocked if it won any awards. I will be pissed if Leonard Maltin does not crush it in a review. However, for one-liners, scenes of debauchery and evil capitalistic behavior, this movie is the best.

For a movie to get any emotion from me is a win. This did not get a sentimental nod like Saving Mr. Banks, but it did grab a victimized feeling not unlike I was the sucker in some Ponzi scheme.

That has to be worth something, right?
Jim, via



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