Disney World workers overwhelmingly ‘stand together, vote no’ on company’s offer, planning to fight for better pay

Disney World workers in Orlando sent an unambiguous message to the company, whose Parks division made an operating profit of $12 billion last year

By McKenna Schueler

Disney World workers reject offer from their employer, with a plan to fight for a $3 raise for all workers to help keep up with the cost of living.

After several months of negotiations, Disney World workers in Orlando, Florida, overwhelmingly rejected the Walt Disney Co.'s "best offer" of a $1 pay raise this year to thousands of workers fighting to survive in a region of the United States that's experiencing a cost-of-living crisis. Over the course of two days, more than 14,200 Disney World workers in Orlando voted on whether to accept the company's contract proposal — and in an unambiguous rebuff, 96% said no...

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