Orlando opinions that will get you cancelled

In this sprawling mass of suburbia with a pretty nice lake in the middle that we call home, it can be hard to reach a consensus opinion on just about anything.

Wars were fought by people who were less passionate about their chosen barbecue chain than the average Orlandoan. For every Mills 50 hipster pushing a pop-up, there's a Winter Garden mom hyping up a 30-years-strong sit-down restaurant. It's a mess out there and finding like-minded individuals can be tough.

Still, there are some lines you just don't cross when talking about The City Beautiful. There are things we've all agreed to love (a certain sandwich from a certain grocery chain) and things we've agreed to hate (nearly everything else).  Contrary opinions will get you run out of town on a Sunrail, provided it's not the weekend.

Reddit users came together recently to share their most controversial takes on the 407. Redditors spouted unpopular opinions and left each other confused on whether to support the ones they agreed with or the one's that made them furious. In short, it was a rare good time on the internet.  We've collected a few of our favorites here.
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