Orlando Magic anti-vaxxer Jonathan Isaac to appear at conservative conference with MyPillow guy

Orlando Magic's most prominent anti-vaxxer and least prominent draft pick Jonathan Isaac is appearing at yet another conservative conference.

Alongside the CPAC undercard and OAN advertisers, Isaac is set to appear at the fundamentalist Christian conference on the border of Idaho and Washington state. Only 4,000 tickets will be sold to the so-called "Great Reawakening vs. Great Reset" show. (Statistically speaking, only three of them will end up in the hands of people not currently affiliated with white supremacist militias.)

Isaac has become a D-list conservative cause célèbre since opting to avoid getting vaccinated for COVID-19. The first-round draft pick has not played in the NBA since suffering an injury in the last full season before the pandemic. He's appeared at other conferences put on by organizer Clay Clark, who has postulated that the COVID-19 vaccine will turn people into zombies.
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