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Opening in Orlando: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Skyscraper and more 


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation In the kid-flick pantheon, vacation stories are usually a sign of flagging inspiration. Not that Hotel Transylvania was a particularly novel franchise to begin with, coming out of the gate like Mad Monster Party with Adam Sandler in the place of Boris Karloff. (I know: that's a trade only Drumpf could negotiate.) One would like to think there's slightly more promise to the premise of HT3, which puts these particular mad monsters not only on vacation but on a seafaring cruise; just make sure it's a Carnival vessel and watch the jokes pile up with the raw sewage. But maybe I'm hoping for too much, since the advance promo has focused instead on the shipboard romance between Dracula (Sandler) and a descendant of his mortal nemesis, Van Helsing. If they get to sit at the captain's table, expect a lot of jokes about ordering the stake. (PG)

Skyscraper For a while now, friends on social media (and some I actually know) have been dogging this latter-day disaster/action flick as "Die Hard in a building." But they're missing the prime avenue for jokes here: Star Dwayne Johnson's character is an amputee with a prosthetic left leg. (How did Amy Poehler not get a call on this?) Johnson plays an FBI-man-turned-security-specialist who watches as the Hong Kong building where he works is taken over by terrorists. Then he himself is framed for the crime, forcing him to go on the hop ... I mean run. Will he be able to cut off these dastardly criminals at the knees? What will he do to get a leg up on them? And is there one more joke I can throw out here to guarantee angry comments from some real-life Lieutenant Dans? Frankly, I'm stumped. (PG-13)

Sorry to Bother You Activist rapper Boots Riley directs his first feature, an off-the-wall satire about an Oakland telemarketer (Lakeith Stanfield) who becomes a success by learning how to use his "white voice." Sounds legit to me. I'm just grateful I've been able to beat so many harassment raps by sounding like Morgan Freeman. (R)

Also playing:

Boundaries Conservative websites are taking credit for killing this road-trip flick at the box office as retaliation for supposedly offensive comments costar Peter Fonda made about the Trump family on Twitter. Now, the opening-weekend figures they were citing represented receipts from just five theaters. And it's a smaller independent release that was never intended to go head-to-head with the big summer entries. And Fonda is only in it relatively briefly. But hey, a win is a win, right? And yes, I am getting tired of all this winning. (R)

No Postage Necessary Will a young computer hacker and snail-mail thief find emotional fulfillment with a grieving war widow? Find out in this comedy-drama filmed on location in glorious Plant City, Florida. The movie is allegedly the first to be distributed via blockchain, an online system designed to discourage piracy. Know how else to make sure no one will steal your movie? Set it in Plant City! (PG-13)


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