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'Run All Night'

Opening in Orlando: 'Frozen Fever,' 'Run All Night' 

Frozen Fever: It's an old axiom of children's entertainment: "If one princess is good, three are better." (It's also the reason Lindsay Graham never goes on a foreign fact-finding trip without John McCain and Joe Lieberman!) Thus, it was not enough for Disney to monopolize this week's cinematic calendar with the studio's new Cinderella: They had to tack on a seven-minute Frozen short as well, just to make sure nobody would be tempted to see any of the zero wide releases that are opening against it. In Frozen Fever, the dangerous combination of Elsa's wintry powers and a bout of flu jeopardize her entire birthday celebration. Hmmm. Snow all around, perpetual head cold ... sounds like Elsa's real problem may be the same one that kept David Bowie sniffling throughout the 1970s.

Run All Night: While the industry keeps trying to box in Liam Neeson as a retired CIA agent in a desperate race against time, director Jaume Collet-Serra insists that we see him for the versatile master thespian he is. In last winter’s Non-Stop, Collet-Serra cast Neeson as a U.S. Air Marshal in a desperate race against time. It was a stretch, but that’s what acting is all about. Now, in Run All Night, Collet-Serra hands Neeson the challenge of portraying a veteran mob hit man in a desperate race against time. Can this human chameleon pull it off, or will the movie one day be remembered as Neeson’s The Day the Clown Cried – a departure that was just too much for his audience to take in? Only time will tell. Even if we race desperately against it. (R)


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