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Opening in Orlando: Eddie the Eagle, Gods of Egypt and Triple Nine 

Eddie the Eagle I sometimes ponder what life is like for the members of the focus groups that were the first to evaluate "Who Let the Dogs Out." I wonder if they wish they could go back and change their initial impression, which was probably along the lines of "Yeah, it's cute, I guess. I can see some people wanting to hear this three, maybe four times in the course of their life." I bet they'd like to change their response to "I know this sounds crazy, but you have to destroy every copy of this recording right now. Otherwise, the experience of watching movie trailers is going to be ruined for at least the next 15 years." And that's why I've always held myself back from enjoying the music of the band Fun. The first time I heard them solemnly intoning "We are young," like Pat Benatar had never thought of the idea, I knew their brand of hyper-earnest affirmation rock would soon be seized upon to promote movies like "Eddie the Eagle," a sports biopic about Olympic ski jumper Eddie Edwards. Seems he was one to always "carry on," don't you know. Sorry, mate, that's a combination that should come with a fructose warning. And I'm still trying to corral those goddamn dogs. (PG-13)

Gods of Egypt Sporadically working director Alex Proyas is back, bringing with him a couple hundred cast and crew members from the unexpectedly acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road. This time, they're retelling an ancient myth about a battle for control of Egypt that extends to some unexpected places. Given that Mad Max connection, I'm not ruling out Sydney. (PG-13)

Triple Nine Ever notice how, whenever the epidemic of police brutality begins to stir the conscience of the white mainstream, some cop just happens to get shot somewhere – instantly shifting the narrative to how tough their jobs are? Well, Triple Nine divulges just why that is: The cops are setting up their own to get offed, because it's the only way they can


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