Opening in Orlando: Brad's Status, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and more 


Brad's Status Jesus, not another stop-and-smell-the-roses picture for middle-aged white guys. Ben Stiller plays a dad trying to get his son into college while fretting that he's not as successful or fulfilled as the pals he himself went to school with. Bottom line: The guy owns his own home and is married to Jenna Fischer, and I still have to listen to him bitch? The one positive sign is that the movie was written and directed by Mike White, who doesn't always hew to the most stereotypical and overworked depictions of American cultural life. So I'm going to kid myself that when Variety referred to the picture as "blindingly white," they meant it as a compliment and had just failed to capitalize the director's name. (R)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle As Mary Jo Buttafuoco learned a couple of decades ago, getting shot in the head isn't the end of the world. That explains why Colin Firth's character is back for the sequel to 2014's Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which the titular agency joins forces with its heretofore-unknown American counterpart. Joining bulletproof Colin for the second chapter are Halle Berry as a tech expert and Julianne Moore as a master criminal with a global reach (and hopefully not a New Jersey accent. Ever seen Freedomland? Yeesh!). There's also an appearance by Elton John, as "a fictionalized version of himself." Like, how is that even possible? (R)

The Lego Ninjago Movie The mostly delightful Lego Batman Movie performed slightly below box-office expectations, maybe because even its hilariously overstuffed cast couldn't compete with the scope of the wildly successful Lego Movie of which it was a spinoff. God knows what that means for the even more specialized Lego Ninjago Movie, which is based on a franchise specific to the toy line and known to adults mostly as an item on their kids' Christmas list that they can't pronounce. The storyline here concerns a bunch of young ninjas battling an evil villain who happens to have sired one of them. Fun fact: It's one of two movies opening this week that were scored by Mark Mothersbaugh. Another fun fact: It's one of two movies opening this week that feature performances by Fred Armisen. We gotta get these crazy kids together. (PG)

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The Women's Balcony After an accident at a bar mitzvah, the male and female members of an orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem learn that they are even more divided than they had thought. Hey, it's nothing a nice tennis match couldn't solve. (NR)


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