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Opening in Orlando: Avengers: Infinity War, Animal Crackers and more 


Animal Crackers Behold, the second John Krasinski/Emily Blunt movie in just under a month. (A polite hint here, guys: When some couples are looking for a fun hobby to get into, they just do goat yoga together.) This time, however, the Quiet Place clan get to use their outside voices – or at least their recording-booth voices, which they apply to the animated story of a magical box of animal crackers that turns you into whichever critter you happen to be eating. The cast also includes Ian McKellen, Sylvester Stallone and (as always, the one you should really be interested in) Gilbert Gottfried. But overall, the movie, just by dint of its release this week, is destined to end up another kind of animal: the sacrificial lamb. Which brings us to ... (MPAA rating not available at press time)

Avengers: Infinity War And so begins the grand finale to a fabulously successful experiment that only got off the ground because Robert Downey Jr. couldn't get insured to do a respectable picture. A decade later, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can boast the best artistic track record of any franchise in film history (unless you were totally OK with Sherlock Holmes fighting the Nazis for a bunch of installments back in the '40s). And in full tribute to the dramatic depth and nuance Marvel Studios has sustained lo these past 10 years, all anyone can ask right now is, "Which characters are gonna get iced?" Yes, modern comic-book culture has cultivated a very specific definition of gravitas. But I'm counting on the Russo brothers to deliver more than just a big-budget snuff film, because those guys sure haven't let us down yet. One thing, though: Can I request that none of my ticket money go to whichever ghoul is currently hauling Stan Lee's carcass from con to con? (PG-13)

Also playing:

Gemini In the latest offering from mumblecore director Aaron Katz, the personal assistant to a Hollywood starlet becomes the chief suspect in her boss' murder. "Nearly perfect" – Salon. "A soul-killing exercise in narcissism" – San Francisco Chronicle. "Looks like I get to call this one" – the coin in your pocket. (R)

I Feel Pretty It's Shallow Hal in reverse, as Amy Schumer takes a blow to the noggin that makes her think she's the most beautiful woman on Earth. Since the first trailer dropped, practically everybody in the country has had an opinion on whether the premise of this flick is insulting or uplifting. But like I always say, self-acceptance is like Miller High Life: You only go looking for it after 25 wings. (PG-13)

Traffik During a romantic mountain getaway, two young lovers are terrorized by a bunch of bikers who are trying to retrieve a cell phone for a group of sex traffickers. Boy, bikers and sex traffickers working together – and to think I laughed at the Dalai Lama when he started dropping that "universal harmony" jazz. (R)


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