Not-so-flaky protests 

Arriving quicker than a flash, like Robin Hood on fast-forward, they've struck again: the Biotic Baking Brigade!

The BBB is a movement that actually moves -- a network of political pranksters who literally practice in-your-face politics. They target assorted greedheads, hitting them right in the smacker ... with pies!

As "Agent Apple" of the BBB recently put it, "We speak pie to power."

Among those who've gotten a taste of the Biotic Baking Brigade's sweet and swift justice is Robert Shapiro, CEO of Monsanto. His thuggish corporation is profiteering by arrogantly and dangerously messing with the genetics of our food supply, running roughshod over public health, family farmers, consumers, civil liberties and Mother Nature. So -- splat! -- Shapiro got a tofu cream, right in his corporate kisser.

Charles Hurwitz, CEO of Maxxam, also has been pied. This poster boy of the infamous S&L bailout currently owns thousands of acres in the Headwaters area of Northern California. The land is forested with ancient-growth trees ... which Hurwitz is clear-cutting. So the underground agents of the BBB delivered one to Charlie -- for the trees.

The head of the World Trade Organization has tasted the Brigade's cream-filled vengeance, too, as has the mayor of San Francisco. The BBB said that the mayor's creamy comeuppance was for his consistent collusion with developer interests over the people's interests. The startled mayor got three pies at a recent press conference -- cherry, tofu cream and pumpkin.

His three piers were arrested by the mayor's police guard, and one of them suffered a broken collar bone in the fracas. Hey, it's not all sweetness being a pastry provocateur.

But it is definitely worthy work. The BBB's pie-throwing is the Boston Tea Party of our modern-day political scene, sending a serious message -- softly -- to the corporate oligarchy.

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