Liquid Cellar

Parking: free lot

Restaurant Details

Lodged somewhere between night-life hell and UCF, The Liquid Cellar caters almost exclusively to the surrounding areaâ??s just-turned-21-crowd via cheap drinks, cheaper musical talent and pool tables. Its location across the street from Fraternity Row -- and next to the UC-7 movie theater and the head shop Mystic -- ensures at least a minimal audience looking for a $10 beer-buzz. Though the stage leaves much to be desired -- itâ??s actually just a section of carpet in between the pool tables and bar -- and much of the talent is lost to the newer neighboring Back Booth, The Liquid Cellar can be fun for those looking to stay east of State Road 436 and get their drink on. -- Jeffrey C. Billman
Teaser: From the concrete floors and American flag hung from the ceiling, to the pool tables in the corner and the fish tanks behind the bar, this near-UCF hangout somehow fits together. The beer selection is broad, the prices are reasonable and you can sit outside and look at â?¦ the parking lot.



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