Life-changing stuff

Thank you for writing this article `"Saving souls and taking names," Nov. 24`. I went to a bar today with my boyfriend and picked up the Orlando Weekly out of boredom to have something to read. Life-changing article.

Thank you for making me aware of what is going on in our own city of Orlando. I hope this moves a lot of Christians to help `Dave Biehl` with his ministry. Afraid or not, we just can't sit there and not help others who need it.

Kimberly Siersdale, via the Internet

Murrow would be proud

Thank you for this fabulous article `"Ghosts in the machine," Nov. 24`. Edward R. Murrow would be proud to see that there are journalists who are standing up against the hysteria of today.

David Hess, via the Internet

Putrid politicians

Something stinks in Florida and the putrid smell seems to be coming from sleazy politicians who do not hesitate to benefit from the death of a child. This article `"Ghosts in the machine," Nov. 24` is sufficient proof that the leaders of the state are engaged in a huge con game and the citizens are the victims. Preying on the innocent is a predatory act. Beware of those who can do so legally, for they are the truly dangerous in our society.

You check in but you don't check out. That is the way sex offender registration is set up. Anyone visiting another state has a specified period of time in which to register. Upon leaving the state the offender does not "unregister." A registrant who visits the state of Florida once a year for 15 years has registered 15 times. Does this registrant appear on the Florida registry 15 times as well as being registered in his home state? Every individual on the registry means additional federal funding. Counting the dead, the imprisoned, the deported and the visitors almost doubles the body count and that equates into millions of dollars.

And you thought registration was for your protection?

It is nothing more than a high-tech scam for profit and the public is being shamelessly misled. Is there anyone among us who has seen a decrease in crime since registration was implemented?

Florida spends more money on sex offender issues than any other state, yet they continue to be the leader in sex crimes. Or maybe they aren't. With all of the padding, it is difficult to know. But with all of the cheating, scheming, scamming, lies and artificial inflation, millions of federal dollars are being wasted. All of the public posturing has stirred up a hornet's nest and made matters worse.

But the federal government does not pay for results, so the checks just keep coming. These officials that you are asking to protect your children have far more to gain if the problem continues.

Parents need to protect their children from being yanked from society and labeled as sex offenders. The odds are greater than you would like to think.

Shirley Lowery, via the Internet

Old ladies rule!

Bravo to you on your "Not so dusty dames" article `Nov. 17`. As an early adolescent product of the '80s, and listening to Cyndi, Annie and Madonna, it is with pleasure that the acknowledgement given to these artists in your article rings true.

Although my commitment and devotion is to Cyndi and Annie, Madonna definitely played the pivotal role for the image of women in music, whereas Cyndi and Annie maintained the craft of true artistry.

Your article was a breath of realism and artistic integrity in an often lackluster pool of unprofessional journalism. Kudos to these three artists for their integrity, their craft and their commitment to stay themselves. There will never be another Cyndi, Annie or Madonna! And, of course, kudos to you!

W. David Lord, via the Internet



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