John Waters is the reason for the season 

"I love Christmas so much I could shit!"

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Were you surprised that your story about the Christmas tree falling on your grandma was so relatable?

I didn't realize it until I started doing the tours and so many people came up to me and said that the exact same thing happened in their house! Usually the dog and liquor are involved a lot.

I think it's exciting when it falls over and everybody screams! I think they should invent a tree that falls over and you push a button and it goes right back up. And people could be pinned under it for the perfect Christmas photo op!

Do you ever get weird Christmas decorations in the mail?

I get great ones from fans! Definitely different kinds of Christmas balls with Divine. I got one that was a statue of Divine knocking over the Christmas tree with blinking lights and all that.

Does it ever seem strange to you that your tours are becoming a Christmas tradition in the way that singers like ...

I always said I wanted to be Johnny Mathis! I love him! He has a cult audience too. It's just that his wear Christmas corsages, and mine have shaved heads and Bettie Page bangs!

Any last-minute sales pitch you'd like to give for the show?

Even if you hate Christmas, I'll tell you things you can do to get through Christmas. No matter what your opinion is on Christmas – and you almost can't not have one, because it's coming right at you! How can you even avoid Christmas? I guess if you don't leave your leave your room and just sit on your computer closing down governments as a hacker. Actually it might be a good day to hack! There's probably less security on Christmas.


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