Is Disney a religion? Twitter thread sparks debate

We knew that Disney Adults take everything the mega-conglomerate does seriously. But does it raise to the level of a religion? Is the House of Mouse a house of the holy?

A Lehigh University professor raised the question (and a few eyebrows) when they floated the idea that Disney is a religion for its most devout followers.

"Many of the Disney fans I have observed in person and online find immense meaning in the parks. People don't just marry at Disney. They mourn lost relatives at Disney. They go to Disney to celebrate surviving cancer. They go there for one last trip before they die," wrote Jodi Eichler-Levine. "Religion is a way of making meaning in the world through stories and rituals...All of this happens at Disney. Cast members literally welcome you 'home.'"

Though the idea of examining Disney worship through the lens of more normalized worship is intriguing, Levine's thread was met with wide-ranging derision. Twitter users either derided the idea that Disney could be a religion, pointed out how gross it is that a "religion" could be owned by a private company, or noted that accepted religions are not free from scorn.

Take a look at some of our favorite reactions below. 
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