Internet killed the live music star?; gun equality 

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Nice article (“This Little Underground: Our live music columnist decries the Internet’s cheap imitation of show experiences,” Sept. 18). With the effects of Napster destroying the major recording labels, and the flood of cell-phone cameras … a few things happened all at once. The actual event of music being performed live has become challenged. True, all the barriers are gone. But now, every band needs new avenues to reach new potential fans. And ANY way to get their tunes in front of people is a help, because EVERYBODY is fighting for attention. The live experience is the last savior of commerce and attention for the band. The band MUST be on their A-game, and they must create a lasting impression. I agree that it is annoying to be watching a live show (even on TV!) and see the crowd transfixed by their phones. My concern today is that the bands spend so much time on the media that they forget to focus on songwriting. They’re so worried about Twitter hits and not worried about building skills in performing. DO they really have the goods or did they just autotune the vocals?
That one guy, via

Love the article. While I’ve been guilty of snapping a pic or two, I’ll never forget the time I full-out got into a fight with a dude who squeezed in front of me at an Opeth show just to take shitty cell-phone clips and then UPLOAD them over and over, not even paying attention to the show. That sucked.
Jeanna Malines, via


It’s SO heartening to know that you believe in equal protection under the law (“Happytown: Florida joins 22 other states in underage gun-purchase lawsuit,” Sept. 11).
I would guess that you believe people on terror watch lists, no-fly lists, etc., should be denied their rights without even the pretense of due process as well. More typical liberal fail.
Doug Charette, via



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