Fringe 2011: Saturday, May 28 

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11:30 am

Pink Venue Road to Nowhere

BYOV 20:11

Brown Venue Stayin' Alive

Blue Venue A 3-Decker Romance

Green Venue Pink Dawn


Silver Venue 13, The Musical

Yellow Venue Five Minute Professor

1:10 pm

Pink Venue Fear Factor: Canine Edition

Brown Venue The Last Straight Man in Theatre

Blue Venue How Charlie Changed My Life

1:15 pm

Green Venue Suckers, A Freaky Little Musical

1:40 pm

Yellow Venue Thom Pain (based on nothing)

2:00 pm

Patrons Room You Know You're a Weenie When: A Guide for the Eligible Bachelor

2:10 pm

Silver Venue Miss Sammy Bakes a Cake

2:50 pm

Pink Venue Wisdom: Part One

Brown Venue While You Dine, The Musical

Blue Venue Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties and Things That Go Bump in the Night

2:55 pm

Green Venue SmartArse

3:20 pm

Yellow Venue Pandemonium

3:40 pm

Patrons Room Any Title That Works

4:20 pm

Orange Venue Bitches of the Kingdom!

4:30 pm

Silver Venue Die! Mommie! Die!

Brown Venue I Love You (We're F*#ked)

Blue Venue Trash Cinema 101

4:35 pm

Green Venue Oral!

5:00 pm

Pink Venue I Love You Because

5:00 pm

Yellow Venue archy & mehitabel

5:20 pm

Patrons Room Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway?

5:30 pm

Red Venue Lot o' Shakespeare

6:00 pm

Orange Venue Winifred, "That Bitch"!

6:10 pm

Brown Venue Punch and Judy Presents

6:30 pm

Yellow Venue Don't Make Fun of Jesus!

6:40 pm

Pink Venue Anne Frank & the Purpose of the Moon

6:45 pm

Green Venue The Booyah

6:50 pm

Blue Venue Joe's Café

7:10 pm

Red Venue Watch Me Burn

7:40 pm

Orange Venue Oh, That Wily Snake!

7:45 pm

Brown Venue The Supporting Cast

8:00 pm

Silver Venue Attention, Please: Nostalgic Dance Theater Through 80's TV Land

Outside Excerpts

8:25 pm

Green Venue Big Swinging Dick's Topless Bar: "The Naked Drag Queen Farting"

8:30 pm

Blue Venue Cabaret Noir

8:45 pm

Pink Venue Once Upon a Pill

Yellow Venue Unspoken

8:50 pm

Red Venue Onomatopoeia

9:00 pm

Patrons Room Night of Fright

BYOV Capt. Discovery: The Edible Musical

9:20 pm

Orange Venue The Holy Land Experience

9:25 pm

Brown Venue Radio Star

9:40 pm

Silver Venue [title of show]

10:00 pm

Outside Fringe Poetry Smackdown V

10:05 pm

Green Venue Blue and Tod Kimbro's Big Queer Hootenanny

10:10 pm

Blue Venue Robby Pigott Tries Something New

10:20 pm

Red Venue Lyrics Speak Louder Than Words

10:25 pm

Pink Venue My Friend in a Sketch Show

Yellow Venue The Trouble With Fishing

10:30 pm

Patrons Room Dying Hard

11:05 pm

Brown Venue Squatters

11:45 pm

Green Venue Mr. Healthy's Happy Land


Brown Venue Preacherman



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