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Ad sense

While we are by no means prudish and we are both “children of the ’60s,” we felt a need to comment on an ad for Nora’s that appeared in the Orlando Weekly (Holiday Guide, Nov. 20, p. 39). In a magazine that contains ads for a wide spectrum of events and advertising, we feel it to be in very poor taste to print language that is considered swearing and inappropriate in an ad. There are a multitude of ways to convey the same idea, get attention and still get the idea across without being so crude. Perhaps a little decorum in the future might speak more beneficially for your magazine.

Christine Lancaster, via email

Lucky menace

To all of you dancing in the street and celebrating the outrageous verdict in Trayvon Martin’s case ... [are] you applauding this menace now? (Social media reactions to the most recent arrest of George Zimmerman, Bloggytown, Nov. 20) One other question: How is he even still alive? He should sit down quietly and thank his lucky stars that he took the life of someone whose parents respect these fucked-up laws ... laws don’t exist when it comes to my children.

Lisa Eve, via

Stop picking on Rick Scott

Sorry, but it’s not a campaign letter unless it asks for something i.e., a donation or for the recipient to volunteer (“Rick Scott’s sneaky campaign letters,” Nov. 27). In fact, this sounds like the standard congratulatory letter to anyone. Further, the Democrats have no room to complain until the Democrat in the White House stops playing hundreds of rounds of golf and taking extravagant vacations at taxpayer expense.

Dorine McKinnon, via



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