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12 This Russian Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film takes 12 Angry Men and places it in Moscow, which is odd since the Russian judicial system does not require a unanimous decision. Then again, it's worth the factual leap to watch the diverse group of men, all with conflicting opinions of what justice means in a modern Russia still groping for any semblance of identity, battle it out Lumet-style. (PG-13)


For All Mankind It's hard to imagine, if you weren't alive at the time, just how giddy our nation was around the time of the Apollo missions to the moon. Just watch the wide-eyed astronauts comment on the sights with as much poetry as a life of studying mathematics can provide. And the images – oh, those images. For All Mankind corrals 6 million feet of film taken at every turn of the moon shot, at a price of hundreds of millions of dollars. Director Al Reinert, in 1989, released a sparkling narrative culled from the footage in the form of this short-but-exhilarating journey. There is no artificial drama or diaper-clad love triangles; only breathtaking, otherworldly beauty. (NR)


Le Jupon Rouge The late Italian actress Alida Valli plays Bacha, a tough Holocaust survivor, in this 1987 lesbian drama. Bacha is a force to be reckoned with, but that doesn't prevent her from succumbing to bitter jealousy when her longtime lover, Manuela, discovers a lusty new pet. Although production values are minimal, the expression that Valli jabs into the camera is intimidating at every turn. (NR)


The State: The Complete Series;Long ago, before The Hills, MTV was a haven for comedy nerds. In addition to The Ben Stiller Show and You Wrote It, You Watch It, the network handed over their airwaves to some college kids who called themselves the State. Led by David Wain (Role Models), the crew's subversive sketch comedy brought us catchphrases like "I'd like to dip my balls in it!" (in a recurring skit making fun of catchphrases). For three seasons, The State warded off cancellation with sophisticated humor and jaw-dropping irreverence: "Call me old-fashioned," huffed Thomas Lennon in a PSA spoof, "but I still believe there's only one true god. And he lives in this lake. And his name is Zorgo." (NR)

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