Time to wean

Michelle Gienow: Good idea, but we do better `"SOLE food," Oct. 22`. No mammal should drink mammal milk after its mom weans the little one. Ms. Gienow has swallowed the dairy propaganda. Many humans are deathly allergic to cow milk, whether it costs $7 per gallon or half that. Go to and quit the overpriced meat and cheese.

There are lots of us running loose that eat virtually zero meat, cheese or milk products, and we are very healthy and generally unobese.

Jolyon, Winter Park

Every dollar is a vote

I would like to thank Michelle Gienow for her poignant and illuminating article `"SOLE food," Oct. 22`. I am a vegan, albeit a realistic vegan, and have been for 18 years. Many people ask how I afford to eat so healthy. First and foremost, I do not spend money on meat and dairy. Since the prices for these items are high enough, prices for meat and dairy that is at all ethical are twice as much. This leaves more funds for better produce selections and the occasional convenience food, such as pre-made veggie burgers.

But I digress. This article was an excellent read, well thought out and straight from the heart. I especially like the point regarding how what society spends money on is the consumers' voice. I have a rule to live by that I constantly share: Every dollar spent is a vote. Each vote matters and makes a statement that you as the consumer agree with the product and how it is manufactured.

Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time and effort to write this article, and thank you, Orlando Weekly, for your existence.

TH, via the Internet

Give her 12 steps

Is anyone shocked that Patty `Sheehan`'s mouth got her in the news again `Happytown™, Oct. 8`? Not me. This girl needs some serious help, right now. Her handlers need to keep a short leash and muzzle on her and only allow her to be seen or heard in one public venue: Alcoholics Anonymous.

Sue Macnamara, Orlando

Off night

I'm in one of the Soundvine bands, and I don't blame you for your review `This Little Underground, Oct. 15`. The show was weird on many levels and Soundvine has had much better shows. At this point it's just embarrassing. As far as each individual band goes, the performances were greatly affected by the bad voodoo. Watch for future shows where that vibe will hopefully be far away, creating a "frat meets talent show" atmosphere elsewhere. You picked a hell of a night to come, Bao `Le-Huu`.


God-haters and Dems

Dear Tom Tomorrow: Your cartoon proves there are people who will try and cut down any person who has values and are outstanding Americans. In this case, can't you find someone else to cut down besides Sarah Palin `This Modern World, July 9`? I cannot find words enough to express my disgust at your stand taken about this young woman. May God have mercy on you, a person who probably doesn't believe in God and the American way. But you do believe in BS. Have you served your country? I'll bet not. I know and believe you are a Democrat.

William McLaughlin, Fern Park

Talentless scumbags

Are you kidding me? As if this town isn't in bed with enough douchebags, they align themselves with those talentless scumbags `"Breaking: Biteboy to save fountain!," Bloggytown, Oct. 19`. What's next, a downtown Chuck E. Cheese developed by Jeffrey Dahmer? A pension plan backed by Bernie Madoff? How about an arts and culture center run by David Duke? Oh no, wait, they hired Helen Keller to develop a new literacy program for Orange County schools.

This city's council makes a group of retard chimps look intelligent. Did `commissioner Patty` Sheehan even listen to a song of theirs or look at them? I've seen and heard better things coming out of an outhouse. Rick `Namey`, ya gotta learn your kids are talentless, ugly hacks. Once you stop being a stage mom trying to force them down our throats and realize it, you'll be doing a service to our community by improving our environment.


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