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I held fundraisers for both Teresa Jacobs and Linda Stewart ("It's a mad, mad, mad, mad mayor's race!" Aug. 5). I'd like to see both candidates in the general election. Teresa is strong in many areas I feel has the skill set to be a strong mayor … and although I was at the MBA event and disappointed Teresa wasn't present … I think you have to pick and choose your audiences, and in the end, I believe her when she said her work had to come first. I, however, have put my support behind Linda Stewart. Linda's grassroots efforts alone are impressive. She's not afraid to walk the streets, work in the heat or sit down and have a conversation with anyone. Moreover, she simply has the most well-rounded approach to the economic and environmental challenges our city faces. And it certainly doesn't hurt … in the end … she is a nice honest person.

— Randy Ross


Different drummers

Those who run `Drum Corps` and supposedly know what's best for it and its future direction have all but ruined it (Live Active Cultures, Aug. 12). What you fail to mention is a few very important aspects. Or should I say, the fair and impartial aspects of "the other side of it."

1) Over the years, it's gone from having well over 300-400 participating groups to barely less than 40. Just imagine if Drum Corps International was a publicly owned company!

2) For the past 30 or more years, it's been struggling to attract the more general mass public appeal, and it has consistently failed miserably. Just ONE of many case(s) in point — it's already had its 15 minutes once or twice on Major TV, ESPN, and it failed to attract any of the much needed/wanted general public interest.

3) And for as many fans that are in those stands, there are almost as many that either the activity itself has chased away or have simply walked away in both anger and frustration at those who think they know what's best in how they are running it.

Trust me Mr. Kubersky, I've been around this one heck of a lot longer than you have, know a lot more of its inner workings than you do and I speak 100 percent truth. Fluffy/puff pieces simply don't bring the story its entirety. Where's the mention of the current situation of the G7, which stands a good chance of ripping the whole activity to shreds in one fell swoop?

Doing the research is what makes a piece work, where fluff is just that.

— Jane Q. Public


Once upon a time the show was on TV and free. Of course you sat in your living room without the greatest of speakers, but we got to see the show for those of us that cannot attend such a wonderful exposition of talent. I hope that everyone is playing good music and not trying to play the classics that do not sound wonderful from a horn and percussion.

But back to the article wonderful — this activity should be attended by people who are not drum-corps nuts, and it is nice to have someone write such a great description of the activity.

— Pookie0001


Yay!!! I loved this, thank you for honoring such a remarkable creative outlet. My older brother was in Drum Corps so it was all very "normal" to me, until I grew up and realized how relatively few "get it." The upside is when someone near you lets a phrase slip or absentmindedly flips an umbrella with jaw-dropping precision and the clouds part, the sun shines a little brighter and you say "You were in Drum Corps!" I love all types of good music and performance art but a great drum corps performance is the only that will nail me in the solar plexus, make me cry like my heart's breaking and get me to scream like the burliest of jocks. It's the shit.

— Katie Ball


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