Donald Trump and the new world order

Donald Trump and the new world order

Life in hell

Trump's authoritarian instincts came out to play this week

Mango Mussolini

Trump is a tantrum-prone child without a scrap of grace or decorum

Make America peevish again!

Marco Rubio's guide to surviving the Trump White House

Don't worry, be happy (and oblivious!)

Donald Trump and the Banana Republicans

The next Saturday Night Massacre is coming, and it’s up to Republicans to stop it – or watch the republic suffer

Thoughts and prayers and go screw yourself

So long as obsequious minions of the merchants of death hold power, nothing will change

The politics of dickpunching: Bloodsport and more in Trump’s movie syllabus

Democracy in Crisis

Peak stupidity: Nunes, Gaetz, Dobbs and the secret society (of morons)

Informed Dissent

In just 18 hours, the president put on full display many of the traits his critics have accused him of

Ignorance, narcissism, racism, mendacity

A New Year’s resolution for America

Is our country ripping itself apart?

Marco Rubio, jellyfish

The Florida senator scored a small increase in a child tax credit. Big whoop.




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