Casting Judgment 

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Karma is on Judge Thomas for being a clown (“Marco Rubio flip-flops on gay Miami judge,” Happytown, Oct. 2). I supplied the facts to Rubio on favors Judge Thomas did for an opponent of mine in a civil issue.

Gay, black, straight, crooked or green, understand one thing: Us straight people don’t do anything different in our bedrooms than Thomas does in his. You aren’t “special,” so don’t assume you being gay matters to us on this overly embellished article. And, being a mother myself, should my 8-year-old son decide, choose or be born gay, and should he work his butt off and become a judge as Thomas did, I wouldn’t want him labeled as gay in these articles. I’d want his accomplishments and strong character to be the driving force in the media. At the end of the day, man is measured by his actions. And what Judge Thomas stole from me – my rights, my property, time, my business – is not something any of you would want on a federal bench.

Rubio is an educated person and not going to act as he did without valid facts. Think about it. Would any of you?

Glad Rubio did what he did. Judge Thomas is a clown. I have the facts and no assumptions here.

Rubio’s decision has nothing to do with Thomas being gay and everything to do with him not being qualified as a federal judge. I have seen Judge Thomas in action, and he is a disgrace. His judgments are politically motivated. He does not know the law and shoots from the hip, interjecting his personal feelings in cases. If he does know the law he sure does not follow it. I prefer to have a competent judge not an incompetent buffoon.
Ron, via

Hmm, prosecuting attorney and administrative judge say that Thomas is of good character, but random, anonymous Internet posters (one of which clearly made up a name just for this purpose) say he’s a bad guy without providing any specific information. That’s a tough one.
Mdeancherry, via



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