Best Of 2013

Best Locally Made Bag to Hold Your iPad

Farm satchel from Makr Carry Goods

Yay, you got an iPad! Now if only you had something decent to carry it around in – your purse is too small, your laptop bag is too big, everything you see in the mall is the opposite of attractive. We are about to let you in on a little secret – the bag you want (need?) is made right here in the Orlando area, though you won’t find it in any local retail stores. Head to the website for Winter Park-based Makr and look up the farm satchel. It’s a simple cotton duck bag with leather accents, a canvas strap and three pockets – the center one is the perfect place to stash your iPad, and the other two are big enough to hold a charger, wallet, iPhone and one or two other miscellaneous items that always find their way into your bag by the end of the day. Stop looking for other bags. This one is perfect.

Best New Roommate

Ace Metric Cycles

1844 E. Winter Park Road

We knew everything was gonna be cool when we saw the Starbucks posters go up in the window of the sad, empty shell of the Bold Hype gallery that sits between caffeine/cocktail mainstay Stardust Video & Coffee and bustling newish hair salon Shag’d. It was briefly animated by the Death by Pop-Up Shop, but for years now it’s felt like a missing tooth in a bright grin. The rustled feathers and well-I-never mutterings provoked by several “Starbucks Coming Soon” posters a prankster slapped up on the space were the perfect slyly humorous entree for Ace Metric – we couldn’t have blue-skied a better new addition. With the arrival of one of Orlando’s best sources for fixed-gear bikes, accessories and repairs, this town’s cool kids now have a one-stop shopping center addressing all needs gastronomic, alcoholic, cosmetic and transportation-related.

Best Pageant-Ready Wig Pick Even When You’re Not a Queen

Chris Martin, Copperhead Salon

1235 N. Orange Ave., #201

Copperhead owner Chris Martin is not only responsible for nearly all of the flying hair you see in this dolled-out issue, he also – full disclosure – rats and chops and bleaches the heads of Orlando Weekly news hounds Erin Sullivan and Billy Manes with all due frequency. Iconic! Martin opened Copperhead nearly eight years ago, after working at the Wave on Washington Avenue for the preceding nine years. It was back at the Wave that he made his first foray into the pageant circuit, sponsoring a local pageant and throwing some hair that would eventually go on to produce Miss Florida 2003 and subsequently Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap. That victory – among three Martin-styled Miss Florida victories – earned Martin the gig as official stylist for the Florida hopefuls in the Miss America pageant. If there have been real catfights or tragedies, Martin’s not revealing them (everyone is “nice” and “bright,” apparently); it’s merely his job to make pageant girls – like all clients – “the best version of themselves: healthy, shiny, pretty. To make them pop.” Also, not everyone is a beauty queen, and that’s just fine by Martin. “I never get bored doing hair,” he says. “Especially the hair of my challenged clients, like Billy Manes.” There she is.