Attorney General Pam Bondi rises to the top 

Despite history of pay-for-play, Bondi takes Republican leadership role, undaunted

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So, we’re not about to get over the fact that Attorney General Pam Bondi washed her way back into office this month and that she’s continuing to challenge marriage equality, even though some of her best friends are gay or something. (We know some of those friends, and they aren’t exactly the kind of folks you want over for cheesecake.) At any rate, despite a recent onslaught of criticism, including an editorial in the New York Times over the weekend, everyone’s favorite terrible human being is on the uptick! Why? Think Anita Bryant and you’re halfway there. Pieface!

As of last week, Bondi, who we would totally love to party with if she weren’t so terrible, has been named chairman (woman?) of the Republican Attorneys General Association. Why? Because that woman will do ANYTHING!!!

Mostly, though, as we’ve previously reported, she will do anything for herself. You got a party to fly her to? She’s on the plane. You got a birthday shindig? Only if there are pigs in blankets. To be clear, Bondi has accepted $51,000 in kindnesses of the influential variety during her tenure, and she doesn’t appear to be letting up. We’re personally in love with the fact that she directly tweeted Rand Paul, saying, “I look forward to working with you to grow our party. It’s the right thing to do.”

As opposed, we guess, to all the right things she could be doing. Oh, Randy.



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