Fringe 2018 review: 'Multiple Organism' is a kinky cartoon about art and gender

This sex-positive, queer-friendly, nudity-dotted performance isn’t intended for children ... or prudish adults.

Fringe 2018 review: 'Forgotten Memoirs' is a must-see for fans of modern movement

Amanda Cox is a choreographer to keep an eye on.

Fringe 2018 review: Let the verbal and visual imagery of 'Van Gogh Find Yourself' wash over you

The one-man production is equal parts historical monologue and interactive art class.

Fringe 2018 review: Revival of Michael Wanzie's 'Monorail Inferno' gets its most lavish mounting ever

The 1985 near-tragedy at Walt Disney World was rewritten as a disaster-movie spoof during a cocaine bender.

Fringe 2018 review: ‘Nashville Hurricane’ makes triumphant return

Fringe legend Chase Padgett wows us again.

Fringe 2018 review: ‘13 Dead Dreams of ‘Eugene’’ is a surreal, scary treat

Absurdist dream or surreal nightmare, this show will haunt you.

Fringe 2018 review: ‘The Haunting of Saint River’ is an odd musical experiment

A ghostly and experimental cabaret narrative gets its world premiere at Orlando Fringe.

Fringe 2018 review: VarieTease's latest will hold you 'Spellbound'

An abstract, avian-inspired showcase of contemporary ballet.

Fringe 2018 review: 'An Excruciatingly Ordinary Toy Theater Show' is in fact extraordinary

One of the most wonderfully whacked-out experiences of this year’s festival.

Fringe 2018 review: 'The Jurassic Parks' is more than a goofy spoof

A subtle statement about processing grief doesn’t get in the way of gut-busting laughs.

Fringe 2018 review: 'Turner's Masterpieces' is hilarious, brainy and eclectic

For once it’s great to see a Fringe show that works your mind and funnybone without wringing your heart.

Fringe 2018 review: Tales of terrifying trauma comprise 'I Think I'm Dead'

A machine-gun monologue that’s one of the fastest, funniest self-help shows at the Fringe.

Fringe 2018 review: Look past the title of 'Fuckboys' and you’ll find a warm, human story

A surprisingly tender and tuneful tribute to female friendship.

Fringe 2018 review: ‘Eleanor’s Story’ powered by historical gravitas

'An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany' is one of Fringe's most emotionally resonant dramas.

Fringe 2018 review: ‘Oh Hi, Johnny, the Room-sical Parody’ will tear you apart

Musical parody will be packed with laughs for fans of 'The Room.'

The Peacock Room holds a reunion at Will's Pub tonight

Fringe 2018 review: 'In the Dark' is bloody brilliant

Like a lost Samuel Beckett play performed by a couple of Cirque du Soleil clowns.

Fringe 2018 review: 'In Search of Cruise Control' is an entertaining exploration of sexual shipwreck

Gangl’s voyage gets a bit choppy along the way, but the destination is worthwhile.


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