A look back at the Orlando Citrus Parade though the years

In early October of 2019, Florida Citrus Sports announced it was ending a nearly four-decade-long institution in downtown Orlando, the Orlando Citrus Parade. An annual Central Florida tradition from 1980-2018, it was held on the streets of Downtown Orlando before New Year’s Day, and featured marching bands from high schools across the country, as well as the participating Big Ten and SEC universities in the Citrus Bowl.

The CEO of Florida Citrus Sports, Steve Hogan said that attendance wasn't a factor, since the number of spectators remained steady throughout the years. However, the average costs for the parade totaled to about $400,000 each year, and with Orlando's other tourist attractions and events, the parade simply wasn't needed anymore.

The parade, along with the Citrus Bowl and the Camping World Bowl, helped bring in around $80 million to $100 million to the city's economy, Florida Citrus Sports has said. The event was usually held right before New Year's Day in celebration of bowl games held at Camping World Stadium. There is no word on whether or not the parade could make a come back.

– Wavanie Henry

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A look back at the Orlando Citrus Parade though the years
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