A fracas over fracking in Florida 

Letters to the editor

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Fracking fracas

Come on people – I am sure the chemicals and process they use nowadays will not damage anything (“Two draft proposals hope to keep Florida from becoming fracking’s new frontier,” Nov. 26). They have been fracking in Texas for years now and have had no issues at all. I would love to see this happen, could you imagine the JOB creation it would bring to Florida? And not to mention help us become more energy independent.
Cassie Roach, via Facebook

Texas isn’t sugar sand on top of Swiss-cheese limestone. Not only could it poison the aquifer, but it could also cause more sinkholes.‬
Allan Perez, via Facebook

Because we don’t have enough trouble with sinkholes already! Allowing would be fracking ridiculous!
Kate Coman Adams, via Facebook

Job creation at all costs. Where will we all work when there’s no habitable place to work in? Watch the documentary where the guy’s well water becomes flammable due to fracking. Definitely a mind-changer.
Claire G. Bradley, via Facebook

The greed for money at the cost our health and environment and safety sucks!
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, via Facebook

We NEED our water clean. Send corporate fracking snake-oil salespersons back where they came from.
Brian O’Halloran, via Facebook

“We get the vast majority of our drinking water from the Floridan aquifer, and fracking puts that water in jeopardy.” Isn’t that saying enough right there?
Jabmyeyes, via Orlandoweekly.com



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