Five essential Orlando spots for your brunch bucket list

The big presentation is on Monday morning, but instead of practicing your lines and refining your slides, you partied so hard last night in downtown Orlando that you had to eat a whole pizza from Gitto's to sober up. Now your head is still spinning, but you have to perform in less than 24 hours. The solution? Go to brunch. No, really! The best thing to make you feel human again after an epic hangover is good breakfast food, and Orlando has tons of cool brunch spots. (After you work your way through these five new faves, go to to find plenty more.) Just lay off the bottomless mimosas this time, OK?

Avenue Gastrobar

13 S. Orange Ave.,

Like something out of a stoner's dream, Avenue Gastrobar offers truly creative brunch grub, like sloppy avocado tacos, green eggs and ham, and a waffle burger.

Kasa Restaurant & Bar

183 S. Orange Ave.,

At $32 for brunch on Sunday, this tapas-style spread is a must. Make it a point to sample the pad thai calamari, bison burger, and spicy tuna with tostone chips.

Maxine's on Shine

337 N. Shine Ave.,

Who knew breakfast could be so sexy? This weekend brunch features eggs Benedict, a brisket hash with jalapeño-cilantro aioli, and the "Warnin' In Da Mornin," an extreme Bloody Mary with a beer floater, bacon stick and shrimp skewer.

Santiago's Bodega

802 Virginia Drive,

Reserve your seats now because this beloved brunch buffet gets packed out fast. Nosh on unlimited chorizo paella, patatas bravas, french toast and huge crab legs.


629 E. Central Blvd.,

Located in Thornton Park, this brunch mainstay has won its way into Orlando's heart with their own unique takes on Southern classics like chicken and dumplings, barbecue-glazed pork belly biscuit sandwiches, and macaroni-and-cheese croquettes.