Richmond, Virginia's VV headline a young, loud and snotty bill at Uncle Lou's

Bucking the conventional wisdom that concert promoters are more interested in their bottom line than bringing interesting sounds into town, there is a vanguard of younger promoters doing it for the sonic thrills, often to the detriment of their wallets. But whatever, can any of us really retire anymore? Case in point: Local Alex Thomas has put together this absolutely ridiculous lineup bursting at the seams with Southern young/loud/snotty quality. Orlando’s Forms join Tallahassee’s Spitball, Alabama’s Joyboy, Atlanta’s ultraviolence deathrockers Nurse and, excitingly, the fabulously fucked and grimey dirge dischord of newer Richmond, Virginia, project VV. Imagine an atonal hybrid of Crash Worship and Huggy Bear. That ugly. The state of punk to come is already here!

with Nurse, Joyboy, Spitball, Forms | 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 11 | Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall, 1016 N. Mills Ave. | $5
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Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall

1016 N. Mills Ave., Orlando Mills 50