FWC would like you to give manatee orgies the privacy they deserve

Florida manatee mating season is well underway, which means right now a group of male sea cows is likely tracking down a female, luring her into shallow water, and forming a phenomenon called a "mating ball."

While it may be shocking to observe, and maybe more shocking and unpleasant for the female manatee (or not?), the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would like you to please give these orgies the privacy they deserve.

Of course, feel free to watch from a distance.

Florida manatees were removed from the endangered species list back in March, a controversial move that many critics say will only remove important protections like slow-speed boating zones.

Last year, Florida boaters were responsible for nearly 100 manatee deaths.

A recent count of manatees suggests that there are currently 6,620 manatees in Florida waters.