Starting next week, Disney moves metal detectors at Magic Kingdom

Starting next week, Disney moves metal detectors at Magic Kingdom
Photo via Michael Peirce on Flickr.
A dream Disney vacation isn't complete without a trip through security, but now that bag check will happen before guests even reach Magic Kingdom.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Disney will be moving its security checks to the Transportation and Ticket Center starting Monday, April 3.

The TTC is a major hub at Disney, where guests buy their tickets and board the monorail or ferry that will take them to the Magic Kingdom park.

Currently, guests can board monorails and ferries without going through security, but that will change starting next week.

The center also has a monorail stop for guests traveling to Epcot and to resorts like the Polynesian and Grand Floridian located around the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Also beginning Monday, guests staying at these Disney resorts will begin going through security at the resorts’ monorail stations.

In a prepared statement, Disney called the new procedures part of “an ongoing effort to enhance the arrival experience for guests at the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park.”

In theory, it should make things move more smoothly for guests arriving at the part, as now they won't have to wait in long lines outside the Magic Kingdom entrance.

Only time will tell if this change ends up causing any Mickey Earred-clad visitors future headaches down the road.