Mike and the Moonpies bring that sweet, sweet pedal steel to Orlando this week

Mike and the Moonpies - Phoro courtesy Mike and the MoonpiesFacebook
Phoro courtesy Mike and the MoonpiesFacebook
Mike and the Moonpies

Whether you call ’em traditional or alternative, Austin’s Mike and the Moonpies are a true country band with all the sweet, sweet pedal steel that implies. Fuck that crossover pop shit.

The Moonpies bring it back to the golden age before country music lost its soul. Same goes for fellow Texan tourmate Joshua Ray Walker, whose resolutely classic sound is pure honky-tonk. Jordan Foley & the Wheelhouse ably hold up the local side of the equation.

(8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17, Will’s Pub, $20-$25)