Orlando indie-rock band TV Dinner serve up some delicious 'Leftovers' on new mini-album

click to enlarge TV Dinner serve up some 'Leftovers' - Photo by Jim Leatherman
Photo by Jim Leatherman
TV Dinner serve up some 'Leftovers'

While Orlando’s TV Dinner have been steadily honing their sound on stages over the past several years, they haven’t actually released any new recordings since 2017 debut album Table Manners. In that time, the band have progressively shed some of their early twee-pop hues for a moodier, more personal shade of indie rock. Their new mini-album, Leftovers, officializes that direction.

While still tender and melodic as always, the three songs here show a side of TV Dinner that rocks a little harder and gets even rawer with the emotion. Produced by talented Orlando polymath Chandler Strang (Saskatchewan, Case Work, etc.), Leftovers is TV Dinner’s brawniest, most assured guise yet.

It’s only the prelude to this new chapter, since these songs are actually just demos from an entire new Strang-produced album that’s nearly completed and planned for full release early next year. And yet another signal that TV Dinner are really leveling up is that they just officially enlisted Strang from behind the mixing board and into their ranks as a permanent guitarist.

With an appetizer like Leftovers, things bode well for the upcoming main course. It’s streaming everywhere but is available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.