Orlando's newest attraction lets you crush a car with a tank

A new attraction in Orlando gives tourists the ability to crush cars in a real-life tank.

Tank America opened a spot near Baldwin Park after moving from its original location in Melbourne. The concept is relatively straightforward, giving people the opportunity to drive a 17-ton tank through (or over) a series of obstacles.  The 14-acre attraction simulates rides through muddy battlefields and jungles.

Rides range from a navigation of an obstacle course to smashing a car under the weight of a FV433 Abbot tank. Riders even have the option to navigate from inside the tank using only the periscope to get around.

Tank America shares that guests must be at least 16 and 55 inches tall to drive the tank. Younger passengers are allowed in the tank provided they meet the height requirement. The attraction at 6605 Muskogee St. runs from noon to six, Thursday through Monday.